This isn’t goodbye; just a see-you-next-time

During the month of July, I had come to a realization that was a very hard pill to swallow: I had lost interest in FFXI. Its not that I hate the game (though I will admit to being incredibly frustrated with particular aspects), S-E, or wish I had regained all the time and money I had thrown into the game. The mere fact is this: my interest had started to dwindle with the announcement of FFXIV. I had kept on trucking regardless until my interest took a sharper turn downward when S-E had banned gardeners and labeled them RMT and that I had come to the acceptance that there are just some things I will never get to accomplish in the game that should be simple in theory but aren’t because of either in game mechanics or the simple fact of how I choose play the game and live my life.

Does that mean doink! will no longer be? No. I have decided recently that doink! will just be dedicated to gaming in general as was the original intent when I moved my blog from Livejournal to Vox and then onto my own personal domian. The primary focus of FFXI on doink! happened because that was where most of my attention was when I was free to play and because I knew that was how I would be able to attract and possibly retain viewers. I don’t care as much now, because I have found that writing in general makes me damned happy and if people read it- great! If not, then I’ll just be another droning voice on the internet. No big deal, since I at least I am paying droning voice on the net!

So what about FFXI and FFXIV? By the end of September, I will most likely cancel my accounts. I do not play as often anymore, and I don’t want to waste money playing a game I am not that interested in. I might return and I might change my mind, but for now it stands as a dead end for me unless something happens that will grip my attention without feeling forced to do it. With FFXIV, I am hoping to be added onto an already progressing blog project and contribute something useful in the community since it will be starting fresh. I already have plans and ideas formulating in my head, and I’m quite eager to be able to share these things. If it doesn’t work out, I will still continue what I do or create my own project.

In the mean time, I am going to be playing Aion (or WoW) and hope that when FFXIV beta testing starts that I will become accepted. I will also be writing about other gaming things such as Aion, Fat Princess, and maybe the messed up things I have been doing on Sims3 (its so bad that I’ve been called a jerk by several people). And if I do something note worthy in FFXI? Then you will definitely know of it! In the mean time, FFXI’ers, see-you-next-time!

5 thoughts on “This isn’t goodbye; just a see-you-next-time

  1. Best o luck out there. Things like this do happen at times.

    Yes…you are evil on the Sims 3. >:P

    Although I guess I can not call people evil…being Asmodian on Aion on the Siel server whilst everyone else is Elyos. XD

  2. Ate! NOOOOO!!! But I respect your decision and hope Aion and eventually XIV turn out alright. ^^ I want to try out Aion (if my laptop can handle it) and Meka’s trying to convince me to play WoW (if Aion doesn’t work.) I’m pretty much in the same boat you are though… Some of the things S-E has done is confusing me and I just don’t have time for all the stress (and the looming feeling that something somehow will get me banned :P). I’ll miss you in XI but hopefully Aion works and I can see you there. :D