Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds Concert

Last month, at Seattle’s beautiful Benaroya Hall, there were three beautiful days of Final Fantasy music being played downtown with the concert being further graced with the appearances of Arnie Roth and Nobuo Uematsu. Although I was unable to pay the $100 to meet both conductor and composer, I did sit close enough to see Nobuo and have a great view of the orchestra. It was amazing it and of itself that Seattle was able to get three concerts total and that they were able to get both Arnie and Nobuo to attend all three!

Unlike Play! from last year, there were some notable differences:

– Arnie Roth was actually present! This man is AMAZING. The energy he produces on the stage is nothing short of spectacular. His command of the orchestra is simply superb and there was an obvious difference in how the orchestra played during the Distant Worlds concert series vs. the Play! series when he was not present.

– They replaced the Seattle BoyChoir and VocalPoint! Seattle with a more professional and mature group: the Seattle Choral Company. Important in and of itself, since Liberi Fatali and One Winged Angel no longer sounded like children were being put into hard labor.

– Many more raving and screaming Nobuo fans. I thought it was funny when they were screaming while mispronouncing his name or saying something that didn’t really sound like Nobuo at all. It was like “whut?”

– Angela Nlederloh did a WONDERFUL job singing Distand Worlds AND the FF6 Opera! I actually prefer her singing in comparison to the original singer for the same song.

Now for the program itself:

  • Liberi Fatali
  • To Zanarkand
  • Don’t Be Afraid
  • Aerith’s Theme
  • Medley 2002
  • Dear Friends
  • Vamo’alla Flamenco
  • Love Grows
  • Ronafaure
  • FF: Main Theme


  • Bombing Mission
  • Fisherman’s Horizon
  • Memoro de la Stono – Distant Worlds
  • the Man with the Machine Gun
  • Theme of Love
  • Swind de Chocobo
  • Opera – Maria and Draco
  • Terra’s Theme
  • SPECIAL: One Winged Angel with guest singer NOBUO UEMATSU!

The last piece was snuck in the last minute, I believe after Nobuo threw his fish at the crowd. Yes, fish. I thought it was funny considering that is what Pike Place Market is known for. Too bad Arnie’s fish ended up… smacking someone in the orchestra.

Now, for those in Canada: the Distant Worlds Concert will be coming up to Vancouver sometime in October. My sister and I are debating going up because the set there will be different than the set list being played down in the US. For one, there is word that the Black Mages will be performing and that Nobuo Uematsu himself will take a more active role within the orchestra. I don’t know how much is true or not, but its only a few hours away from me and I do love Vancouver, BC a ton and who could say no to listening to favorite FF tunes being played LIVE? It is a great experience that I encourage anyone to attend!

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