Exercising More Than Your Fingers?

Even though I have been doing a lot of gaming here and there by playing Dissidia, theSims3, Aion, WoW, Rock Band, and Guitar Hero, I have also decided to refocus on my health and well being after finding myself gaining an alarming amount of weight back after my Gall Bladder surgery awhile ago. So, I decided to try EA Active (again) for the Wii and doing other exercises more seriously in attempt to get myself back in shape.

Now, before I was kind of hesitant about EA Active. Not because its a video game exercise, because I had actually done well before doing a lot of DDR until my DDR pad became busted and I got tired of all the songs. No, my worry was that it was like some of the other hyped up Wii games that really don’t amount to much after awhile. Wii Fit was hard enough to include as part of my workout routine because it wasn’t really set up to be like a set of workouts. EA Active on the other hand, is a completely and totally different story!

I had actually did a bit of it before Hiroshiko and my cousin had come to visit, and didn’t realize that there was a difference in the settings. I had picked out some regular “Easy” workout mode, and found myself unable to properly sit or walk for an entire week. In fact, in order to sit on the toilet I needed to perform some sort of acrobatic trick in order to sit down and then pull myself into an upright position like like a hobbled old lady. It had kicked my butt THAT much.

Then my friend told me about the 30 Day Challenge with Bob Greene. Boy did that make a butt load of a difference! I didn’t have as much trouble, but I really did work up a sweat! And after doing it for awhile I can finally work my way back up to a more intensive setting while also keeping track of what other exercises I have done and what I had done diet wise to help keep myself healthy. I had also decided to supplement my workouts on that game with doing more things such as walking, jogging, etc. I have already trimmed up a little, but more importantly I feel much better since I had reintroduced exercise back into my life. Now I just need to work out more so that I can one day squish Hiroshiko’s head in one go and make myself some delicious tasting brain juice~ <3

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