Returning after 6 mo. hiatus

About six months ago, I had stopped playing WoW for three reasons:

– Money
– Was caught up in FFXI, again
– The boyfriend’s computer could no longer handle it (its a dinosaur)

Last night, I decided to reactivate my account after some deep thought and like the last time I returned from a long hiatus… things were upside down and so different that I had a hard time figuring out just where I should spend my Talent Points (FFXI: Merits).

Now, unlike FFXI, I can generally get back into the swing of things fairly easy. Even though BRD, for example, is a little different than when I first started playing it years ago, it is still fairly the same with heavy important on singing, pulling, and sleeping adds. I come into WoW and I find all my Talents are wiped, Shaman has some nifty skills and additions added to the system, and a few other changes that totally blew my mind away.

In fact, I am still trying to figure out just what kind of build I am going to try out next for my Hunter and Shaman.

I think this is what I both like and dislike about WoW. I like that you can pick up after a long time, not worrying if your characters are going to be purged from the system. I also like how easier it is to level solo. What sometimes frustrate me? How patches can totally change how the game is, and trying to get a bearing on all those buttons you had put and mastered on your screen before… only to start out kind of like a baby and try to figure out just what all of them do again because there are so many of them!

Starting out again in WoW, so far, has been a lot of fun. Mekare (my bestest friend in FFXI) has been helping me out clear instances and get loot, and I’ve been remembering why WoW was a great break away from FFXI. More importantly, I am looking forward to being able to play other games with the boyfriend soon. Azeroth is fun with Mekare and solo, but I sorely miss playing with my bald headed, tentacle chinned, and Hunter obsessed boyfriend.

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