World Transfer: GO!

So after months of waiting, they finally implemented the World Transfer Service. I was really interested in this before, and have played with the idea of wanting to meet Maiev on Fenrir for awhile now or heading onto a larger EN-speaking server (if there is such a thing). But I don’t expect all of my friends to just pick up and leave, especially when each of us have a whole set of friends and LSes that we hold dear on Ragnarok.

But who knows? Maybe I’ll give it a try on my Elvaan, Calmarawyn!

One thought on “World Transfer: GO!

  1. Elvaan road trip maybe? ^^ I know you, oro and I have experienced elvaans. Maybe Reio, Hiro, and Maki could make elvaan mules and we can be “The Dhamel Pt!”. Just a thought anyways ^^