BLU Level 23-25 & BCNM 20: Charming Trio

This weekend is an unusual entry for the BLU set as we (well, actually, just me) woke up early in order to start the set at an earlier time and allow enough time for Mekare to play before going on a date. We didn’t get much done, however, as I tend to get into more trouble than I should allow happen… but more on that later.

We started off trying our Head Butt routine over at Sauromugue Champaign by working it on beetles. I decided to have Mekare start off (at this time we were still going with our /WAR, /WAR, and /WHM set up), followed by me, and then finished off with Orophen. Taking Orophen’s complaint in mind about not wanting to do something “organized”, I had people put in annoying calls so that he knew when to do his macro. The calls were (in order) call 14, 15, and 16. Annoying? Yes. But it could have been worse! I could have chosen to use call1, 2, and 3!

Though we found that Stun doesn’t always happen and that TP is hard to come by, there were benefits to having it done this way. One was that we didn’t cast it at the same time and another was that someone almost always was about to cast the spell just as the Stun effect was wearing off. This became even more noticable when we hit 24 while tearing through Wights in Qufim Island like a fat kid eats cake. It was hilarious to find ourselves thinking how few Wights there were, when ages ago we would have dreading the time night fell upon us and Wights would wreck havoc upon our camps. Now? No longer! The tables have turned indeed!

Getting cocky, I thought of going all the way over to Inner Horutoto Ruins and fighting the Wendigos there. I think from now on, when I have an idea I think is great? I’m going to try to restrain myself from ever following through with it. In theory it would have worked out great. We would have had long chains and easy EXP. The problem spawns when a farming party is busy killing things and you get desperate to get one kill because, hey, its a long walk from Qufim Island to that small camp! Dying from having a second Wendigo on top of me, I made my way back to Qufim Island where I solo’ed while waiting for Mekare and Orophen to come back. I would like to thank the people that threw me cures at this time, because all of us had switched to /NIN at this time and I wasn’t quite used to playing with the subjob. At one point my HP dwindled down to 8 HP before I managed to kill the crab while desperately praying he didn’t kill me. Ouch.

After getting my EXP back, we decided to try again and make another quick work of the Wights and Giants. We rarely ever got hurt with our new subs, and it was a beautiful sight to see that we had more MP to deal damage versus having to cure ourselves.

However, because of circumstances (aka my idiocy and Mekare’s date), we really didn’t have a lot of time to do actual leveling. We managed to get to 25 before we ended, and had to bid Mekare farewell. Our adventures didn’t end there though! While waiting for Hiroshiko to come back online, Orophen and I worked on getting him Screwdriver and then immediately headed on over to do BCNM 20: Charming Trio as three BLU. Our spell list was pretty much the same as for Wings of Fury (Auto Regen combo, Bludgeon, Coccon, and Pollen), and the subjobs were pretty much the same as that one as well. The only difference was that I was subbing /WAR and Hiroshiko was the one subbing /WHM. This was his first time doing this BCNM, and our start was very shaky and resulted in Orophen dropping down to as low as 50 HP and Hiroshiko kind of freaking out. But no worries! I was worried as well, but simply pulled up Healing Breeze and took care of that problem easily.

We started off fighting Pepper and then Prune and finally Phoedme in that order. Orophen was our primary voker, as he had more HP than I did. We all made sure to fight the same mob, to make things go a little faster than if we were just to solo one each. It was a pretty much straight forward attack, but Orophen found ourselves doing our Head Butt cycle just because it was something we couldn’t help but do! We weren’t able to break the record (currently 3 minutes and 35 seconds), but we were able to go from 4 minutes and 45 seconds to 4 minutes and 2 seconds on our final run. Orophen used the most amount of meds, but the number count is off as I wasn’t really taking note of it. I used only 1 Hi-Ether and that was during the first round when I needed to spam Healing Breeze to help Orophen regain HP. I didn’t even touch the numerous number of Hi-Potions I brought with me!

Now if only I could learn Grand Slam… *sigh*

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