Star Smasher! (reposted from 09/22/06)

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Last night I had decided on a whim, “I want to get the Maat fight done and over with.” Felt I was being hasty, played Tetris DS (made it to level 50-something before I decided I needed to sleep), and woke up this morning with the same thought I had last night.

I didn’t want to wait to cap my sword skill, I didn’t want to wait for level 70, and I sure as hell didn’t want to hold back my friend who has been patiently waiting for me to catch up to her so we could level together. Sooo… despite all the troubles I had with my computer and wireless router this morning, I took a nose dive into fighting Maat.

My skills. Taken after Maat fight, but they weren’t any different than when I started (except the slightly higher EVA skill).

My equipment.

Me cheering myself on. Everyone else I knew was asleep, at work, or at school. Kind of lonely, but a girl has to keep her spirits up!

Me? Nervous? Naah…

*** Start obligatory panic fight log here ***

The ol’ guy gave up with about 24% HP left. :D

Now to sell back all those items and get to work! /panic

Oh, and thanks to a whole bunch of friends (especially Chakura for staying around for as long as she did in the Boyahda Tree after everyone else left) and LS-mates who helped me skill up my sword. Never got it capped, but it was a LOT of help regardless. m(_ _)m

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