Auto-Translate plz.

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For some stupid, random reason I decided to go and kill Spook and then got a /tell asking for PT. Because I tire easily and what not (*pokes her still sore abdomen*), I told them I wasn’t interested in being a pulling bard. They said its ok, and still asked if I wanted to EXP. Figured it wouldn’t hurt to try and headed straight to Aht Urhgan Whitegate to get my instruments and some food.

After a few minutes we headed into Mamook to kill Mamool Ja. Now, I’m pretty sure the whole party knew I was EN because I spoke mostly in auto-translate to the best of my ability and they would respond back in such a fashion. No problem, right? Well then some shit starts to go down and people in the party start acting weird. We’re no longer running around killing things but taking long pauses filled with lines and lines of kana filling the screen. I figure they are probably going to disband as soon as I see the 30 分 and more kana. But as we stand around waiting for the PLD, I see 日本人、日本語、外人 scrolling by. Not all on the same line, but I kind of had an inkling of what was going on and got it cleared up by a nice RDM who was able to translate the gist of things for me (Thanks Allenby).

Seems as though people were planning to disband and get replacements, but didn’t ask the non-speaking JP PT members whether or not we wanted to leave, too. I had shot a Time Remaining question and spelled out I didn’t understand a whole lot of 日本語 but was ignored and only given a tell stating they were sorry and the leader apologizing because they were disbanding.

It wasn’t so bad, but I felt frustrated because of the language barrier and lack of communication. I’m sure they could have asked how much time I had left, but oh well. Its done and over with. I gave them a Teleport-Mea and thanked them for the PT. At least I got what I set out to accomplish:



About time, eh? Now to figure out if I want to mule all my BRD shit and work on WHM alongside BLU and my subs.

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  1. :o Her name sounded so familiar. I already remember Toyer from doing stuff in Smurfs and seeing him around, but I couldn’t quite remember why Allenby was familiar. o.o;;