BLU Level 29 – 30

Korroloka Tunnel? Again? Yeah. We partied for a short time, I ate food only once (Meat Chiefkabob), and got some pretty dismal EXP due to our killing rate being faster than the pop rate and the fact that the crabs and pugils were starting to con rather low.

Orophen found out some interesting things, however, while we were playing around. We all know that TP has some factor in BLU, but for some unknown reason being under 100% TP can allow you to do more Bludgeon damage than if you have 300% TP. 300% TP allows you to do pretty consistent damage, but I couldn’t help but be envious of the damage Orophen was churning out sometimes when he smacked the crab around with Bludgeon. Meh!

Oh, and Orophen can’t add (24+21=/=50). But don’t tell him I told you that. Shhhh!

To further prove I’m crazy (hey, Reiokyu said it- NOT me), I’m planning the coolest Promyvion-Mea run EVER. Three BLU, 1 WAR, 1 WHM, and 1 BLM. Ok, it might not really fly, but I’m 98% sure we’re going with this set up. Why not the traditional/ideal set up?

1.) Reiokyu said I’m crazy.
2.) Did I mention he said I’m CRAZY?
3.) I think I’m crazy because Reiokyu said I’m crazy.
4.) Orophen will get emo if I’m not there.
5.) I have no other job to bring except BRD and BLM… and I hate BLM.
6.) Hiroshiko would be our WHM; poor us…. ; ;
7.) OMGWTFBBQ Reiokyu thinks I’m crazy!

I haven’t really thought out how I’m going to make this work, but if we managed to beat Holla with 5 people, little to no medicines and anima, and really grumpy girls? I think we can do anything! Or, at least, Orophen can do anything. I’m sure he’ll think of something. If he can’t then I need to come up with the OMGWTF plan to go over what I shall now be called Prism Ranger Powah plan. Awesome name, huh?!

Damn I need sleep…

4 thoughts on “BLU Level 29 – 30

  1. lol poor Oro can’t add >.>.. wait a min. what do you mean poor us if i’m the WHM O.o; i’m pretty skilled… kinda… i’m a little jumpy but i’m skilled ^^ i won’t let you down but i’ll need to earn some money and find a time that i can set aside to do Promy ^^

  2. D; Or lack of! We might just go anima farming on Saturday since people seem to be busy and stuff. Please do come though, as it will be nice to go onto the higher levels and what not. And, well, get teleports. :X

  3. ok I can come anima farming on Sat., turns out we have nohting scheduled after around 9 am your time so i’ll try to get on whenever ^^