High roller!


This past Saturday was mostly a CoP 3-3 to 3-5 prep run minus Makai because he has been having troubles (re)installing FFXI. At this rate I’ll need to buy the DVD again so that he can play because I doubt he’ll want to install from my CDs from way back when.

The rest of this entry will mostly be behind a cut as it is both image intense and because its mostly random moments I have shared with my friends. I guess you can say its mostly a sentimental, silly entry versus anything noteworthy. So if you’re interested, then press on my friend!

While running around to do missions, Mekare had decided to have some fun with Reiokyu in Carpenter’s Landing while waiting for Orophen to finish his CSes. Reiokyu, of course, knowing that he would find himself in a sticky situation was found running like crazy all over the zone in attempt to run away from my dear friend. I guess at some point he started to feel tired and commented with the following;


In the end we were able to get him to settle down before quoting the Taru triplets about him being our (the band of Tarutaru in the LS) father and being seperated from Mekare before we were born. To make the event even better, I managed to snag a screenshot of them sitting together!


After we finished 3-3 business, we traveled off to the Northern zones to farm chips necessary for the Diabolos fight. It was frustrating at first, as there was another party farming chips but we managed to have fun in the end and get all the chips we needed for that day (we still need to get the ones for the slacker). Of course, our form of fun meant getting nearly lost in another part of the ruins and then having crazy lots against each other…



You’ll need to click on that last one, as I had no desire to shrink it down and stuff.

So what is up for next week? Not sure. It certainly depends on whether or not I see the doctor this week or wait till my break two weeks from now. My right wrist has been hurting and my hand is feeling weaker than normal. I’m afraid I might have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but who knows?

To close the entry, I have a special clip for my friends on the LS who watch Keroro Gunso (Sgt. Frog) and have played Final Fantasy IX. I would have sent it to them on e-mail, but I figure they will check this out eventually. ;)

7 thoughts on “High roller!

  1. I was starting to worry that you were going to post a pic of me chasing him in a subby =P.
    I really hope your wrist gets better soon. ttyl =)

  2. O.o; Quina??? lol Awesome. Keroro Gunso ftw! Look like another “UNFORTUNATE ACCIDENT” for Keroro. Hope your wrist gets well soon though, so you can OUTLOT ALL OF US AGAIN! :P

  3. Thanks guys. I’m seeing the doctor tomorrow and me going easy on the game after the mission runs helped quite a bit. The doctor will tell me for sure what the heck is going on. orz I’m falling apart again. T_T;;

    And its not my fault I’m so awesome, Hiro. :3 Its the power of my cuteness + pigtails + being leader. It has its perks, yanno. Like Gunso buying Gunpla~ except this time I get cool lots. ^_^

  4. Note to self…there is an auto-run function on the xbox 360 still. Left bumper…that should help me run longer next time. ^_^;

    Best of luck on your wrist and hope the doctors visit goes well.

  5. They put me in a wrist splint and on Thursday I get to see the neurologist. It kinda hurts typing so I can’t make guarantees as to when I’ll be on. Sorry guys. :(

  6. It’s ok Cala, it’s probably best not to do anything that will aggrovate your wrist more. Hopefully everything will be ok and it will heal up on it’s on =). We’ll be looking foward to when you come back =^.^=.

  7. Got an update from Cal today. She doesn’t have carpal tunnel, it’s tendonitis. As a result she won’t be able to go on ffxi for a while.

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