/sea all Calaera

I know its been awhile since I have updated, and its mostly related to my wrist and finger. They ARE feeling a little bit better; more so when I’m not typing or anything. I’ll be seeing the doctor tomorrow morning to talk to him about my wrist and will update this entry if he says anything of significance. Otherwise I will be laying off the typing for awhile longer. I really don’t want to, but its something that has to be done. To my friends on Ragnarok, don’t worry- sooner or later I’ll come back and harass you all again. I know a certain dhal, er, Elvaan misses my poking at him. ^_~

5 thoughts on “/sea all Calaera

  1. *Feels a disturbance in the force, breaking the eternal calm that has been the weeks of silence.*

    ….Just kidding. :P

    I have noticed the beach gear for elvaan help me blend in a lot better than one might think among a large group of the things. Perhaps because the three colors match. A sandy blond, as well as red. I will keep my ear to the ground for more Gunso.

    Remember that the big update is today. ^_^

  2. Maiev: I’ll only poke the Onion with a stick. :o

    Reio: You wait till I’m better- you’re gonna be in for it. ^________^ I am really looking forward to more Gunso though. ;o; I need my fix!

  3. Dont worry, you will have a lot to do to compete with the boost they gave 2 handed weapons. It is sickening to a degree, and I Honestly foresee a lot of time not meriting in my future…and the prospects of soloing ninja the rest of the way to 50 if not a good deal. ^_^;