PT? What’s that?

The other night, I joined a party on a whim as WHM. If anyone knows me, I haven’t joined a “normal” EXP party for quite some time now (I wouldn’t be surprised if its been half a year or more). I’ve done Besieged, ENMs, my small BLU set, and random things on the game but hadn’t bothered joining an EXP party because a certain someone had inadvertently scared me away from them… *cough*DhalmelElvaan*cough* and I was feeling iffy about leveling WHM to boot.

It was rather late for me to consider joining a party, but I did so anyway since they said it would be okay for me to stay one to two hours. The PT leader insisted it was a hardcore setup, and so I left from my little spot on Port Windurst and headed out…

Normally, I’d have Orophen at my hip playing my personal refresh whore, but I decided to play on my own with the following setup: PLD, WAR, SAM, THF, COR, and myself as WHM. It didn’t seem too bad, and I figured it was worth a shot on a Puks camp. The last time I was on Puks was a year ago as BRD and forgot what they were capable of. I tend to run away from them in Besieged, and it was until I was in the party that I remembered WHY I do so. Knock back effect? No thanks.

We started off alright enough until I started to notice that the JP PLD wasn’t using their MP. At all. I start feeling the MP crunch and was trying to juggle off healing various party members while debating whether to keep the PLD alive. I even let the PLD go as far as orange and noticed she still did nothing but voke after standing by her lonesome for awhile…

Of course, I’ll admit that I could have saved myself a little grief by casting Baraera. I didn’t because I am a noob and didn’t really think about it until afterwards. Still, I felt like banging my head onto something hard because I had forgone sleep in favor of finally wearing the pieces of equipment Mekare had lent me or had given to me. Next time? Sleep > party. Not often I regret a spur of the moment decision, but this time I did… kind of. I have to admit its really nice to be able to wear the stuff Mekare had given me and not just stare at them wistfully when I open my locker.

Oh well, at least I’m finally 59 and a step closer to 60. ^-^b

5 thoughts on “PT? What’s that?

  1. I’ve noticed that more and more tanks are coming down with a bad case of retarded… Non curing PLDs, Great Sword wielding PLDs, non voking PLDs and NINs, and even one lvl 65 NIN that didn’t have utsu: NI (he got kicked from the pt thankfully). I’ve also noticed more thieves that trick attack on non tank members in a NIN tank pt (even when the NIN is having trouble keeping hate)… I can’t wait for the update. GOGO Valkurm Doomed pts! =^o^=

  2. LOL – there’s not too many people on my server that party in the Dunes anymore. They all wait in Bastok. :) It’s hard now a days to level a low jobs.

  3. I’m not sure I want to level a new job anymore with tanks who won’t voke. I mean, I can tolerate a certain amount of BS, but having that mob run wild just tends to irk on me. More so since I’m particularly squsihy. Mekare! ;o; You should be my personal tank! I would only trust you with my life! :3

  4. I have been tempted to lvl a tank job again… I’m just worried that my thf’s dodginess has spoiled me… I not sure if I can take a hit anymore =(.
    Example of lvling pld:
    Goblin hits Mekare!
    Mekare: “Ouch!… Screw this, I’m leaving.”
    Mekare warps away.

  5. Taking hits is fun…I think I have grown a bit addicted to it in the past weeks leveling Paladin. ^_^; Either that or I have been rattled by a few too many bomb tosses or something….probably the latter…who am I kidding, it is the latter. ^_^;;

    Try ninja if you don’t like taking hits? :P