/sea doink!

Out of curiosity, I went and checked the stats for this subdomain. Its the only active site I have on my domain, and I wanted to see how people were finding me and so on and so forth. I check these stats once in awhile, but this time I thought I’d share a few things.

As of late, I have been getting a lot of hits from TTO and the Musketeer’s forum. I also get hits from my friend’s on Livejournal and other journals I am linked to. There are a few that seek me out on google, and this is what they are usually looking for (at least for this past month):

FFXI Test Your Might
Die by the Sword BCNM
download doink them
ffxi toyer
hiroshiko girl (Hiro, is there something you AREN’T telling us?)
doink game
getting out of gusgen mines
screenshots doink

Sometimes, my site also appears if people are searching for the SpikeFlail site. Sorry, I’m not in their LS! Nor have I played with Toyer, I’m pretty sure Hiro is a boy, and I am on the wrong server (and too gimp) to be associated with BG. I had a few less hits last month since I rarely updated that month, but a lot of LJ search sites have been hitting my site trying to scan for images. Kind of annoying, but I’m rather attached to my LJ plugin.

I’ve also had my other friends searched and have had hits from those people looking for Mekare, Reiokyu, and even Orophen. Why anyone would want to search for my boyfriend(s) is beyond me…

2 thoughts on “/sea doink!

  1. haha, I personally have really interesting as well as disturbing ones xD but hehe, nice to know what readers are typing to enter, so you can kinda tailored it to your reader xD

  2. XD umm… “Hiroshiko girl”? idk what that is about but I’m definately a guy. I know now (before I figured out that Hiroshiko was a real name), that Hiroshiko might be a Japanese horror movie. O.o; lol no Makai… but he’d probably be linked to Makai Kingdom :P