BLU Level 51, Missions, and My Dream to Stardom!


I would like to think that I’m a calm, collected, and patient person. Work with 2.5 – 6-year-olds on a daily basis, and you kind of need to have a ton of the above in order to work peacefully with that age group. So, I guess I should be ashamed of myself when Orophen is trying to explain the battle plan to everyone last Sunday and I’m… huffing, puffing, and getting super antsy because we haven’t started yet. Heck, I even started to zone out mentally and verbalize how badly I just wanted to get going to the point of not reading the wall of text that was attacking my already poor eye sight!


After that, I had a rare moment in time when I actually started to appreciate myself and find that I prefer myself leading. Maybe because I just don’t have the attention span to listen to my own boyfriend ramble, but there wasn’t much else I could do but to let him do it due to the circumstances at the time.

So, anyway, last Sunday we came back to finish the business we started last week: finishing up Promyvion-Vahzl. It wasn’t easy, mind you. The folks in our party who were part of SparkleandFade had their Dynamis event pushed back due to a situation I’m not really remembering at the moment. Oh well! Mekare managed to get her THF hands there (Congratulations again!), and I’m assuming they managed to do well since they extended their time in there for quite a bit. Then we had to worry about my brother, who had personal business to take care of with the family. Now that I think of it, I feel really bad having to remind him about the mission because the poor guy is now really sick. We managed to get together, however, and pretty much went through the mission with one death that didn’t seem to last long (Hooray for RR!) and helped us win the battle!

Too bad no matter how much work we do, that damn Prishe has to steal the spot light…


For someone who claims to be as short as a Taru, she sure knows how to hog the screen…


It was a very crazy fight up in there. Seeing as though all our jobs are MP dependant, the amount of ethers and Yagudo Drinks we burned through was an insane amount. At least it seemed that way when we actually went in and did things. I actually only used 3 or 4 of the 7 Hi-Ethers I brought in, but I’m sure Hiroshiko and Reiokyu burned through a lot more than I did. I think the only time I felt frustration was for the tick like mob, because he seemed so huge and didn’t seem like he was going to go down as fast as I wanted him to. But we finished it off, and I’m so grateful that we managed to do rather well to pull off a 1/1 win.

Once we finished the fight, we did our CSes and then met with the radioactive rat Carbuncle. For such a little guy, he comes off with the airs as though he’s strong. But we all know his secret. He is a little guy taking steroids like all the big guys in the big league! Why else would he be so… glowy?

When we arrived at our next stop, we were informed we had one hour to plow through the maze and watch our friend log off for the night. One hour? Seemed impossible at the time. I kept thinking, “Dude… there are mobs and… we don’t even have ways to regen our MP quickly!” In the end we managed to take one hour and 5 minutes to complete the whole thing. During that time frame, the BLU set managed to ding 51 and net a few extra points of EXP to help us out before we start ENM runs again on Saturday. We haven’t had much time or chance to level up, so the CoP set will take it easy while we try to level up and find a way to make it to the Execution Chamber without me foolishly pulling aggro.

On one very last note, I need to start playing in full screen mode and stop jumping the gun into the abyss so much. I’ve found myself getting lost on two occasions, and the last one had me sending Hiroshiko to come rescue me for 5k. He’s really on worth 1gil, but I felt sorry for him since he needed to buy meds. :P So there. The truth is out, Hiro! THE TRUTH IS OUT!

5 thoughts on “BLU Level 51, Missions, and My Dream to Stardom!

  1. First off, sorry for rushing everyone on Sun. It was getting kinda late and I had school the next day. T-T Second, congrats to everyone on our sucess. Even though I blew through all my meds after both missions, it was worth it. Guess I better start working towards more CoP meds. Lightbulb bunny was cool, but he’s really not all that (especially after I’ve seen him fight :P) but I’m excited. Congrats to the BLUs on 51. However, what do you mean I’m only worth 1 gil? T-T

  2. Don’t worry about it. We understand… kind of. :P And you’re only worth 1gil because I said so. Its better than being worth squat, if you ask me! So stop whining before I demote you! :x

  3. >_>; It is alright Hiroshiko, school does indeed have priority and such. Especially in the lovely year known as the senior year. No pressure. ^_^;

  4. OMFG XD
    I love you after seeing your Hystero macro. Gonna definitely make one like that next time im gonna help someone with promys XD

    Gratz for your CoP advancing, the worst is…..almost there D:

    AAAAAAAnnnnnnnnnnd ; ;
    Too bad i’m past your blu, i would have loved to pt with you! D::

  5. LOL. The full one was Ahhhhh~ I’m Hystero-cal. I think I was the only one LOLing because it seemed like the word hysterical to me. T_T

    Yah, Hiro saw you in Whitegate before we started and I saw your PLD was ahead by a few levels. ;o; Maybe one day we will get to PT! :3