Ow, my head…

Lately, I’ve been into playing Professor Layton and the Curious Village and Apollo Justice. The former game, I bought because the premise was really cute… at the time. Now that I’m actually playing through it, I have a hard time believing a kid would be able to play through this game without wanting to chuck the damn case at someone. No matter how cute and innocent it looks, the puzzles can really prove to be annoying at times. I will gladly tell people I had a heck of a time trying to figure out how to make FIVE boxes into four. Ugh, it makes my head hurt just thinking about it!

The later game, Apollo Justice is fourth in the series of games known as Ace Attorney or Gyakuten Saiban. I am totally enamored by the series because of the innuendos, the cultural references, and because its kind of like an interactive book. Totally awesome! By far, the best in the series was Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations otherwise known as Gyakuten Saiban 3. How the stories managed to intertwine with each other was amazing, and I was actually wanting to chuck my DS at someone because it kept me entertained and kept hitting me with suspense at times I didn’t necessarily expect to be hit with it. The fourth installment of the series is also pretty decent, but probably because I’m totally liking the prosecuting attorney and like the “scientific investigations” I get to perform once in awhile.

I still have more games to finish, however… and it doesn’t help at all that Super Smash Bros. Brawl is coming out real soon. My brother (Makai) was tormenting me for thirty minutes straight by telling me how he was going to win and why. Then informed me that he would beat me down with Peach since he knows she’s one of my favorite characters to play. Ugh.

FFXI entry will come either tomorrow or on Monday; since there are still things to be done tomorrow when we meet for ENMs and such. I am, however, in the market to look for a end game LS for a friend. I’d join myself, but I barely have time for myself without feeling totally stressed out. If you happen to be on the Ragnarok server and know of a LS, please leave a comment and let me know!

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