Campaign mobs… where are you?

Orz That is what I’ve been wanting to do for over an hour of sitting in Fort Karugo-Narugo with long breaks between mobs showing up or just the campaign to end. If it weren’t for the Campaign Ops Aegis Scream II, I think I would have gotten my evaluation long ago and just jumped ship to another region. It was insane how long the wait time was between one wave and then the next. Relentless attacks my ass! It actually seemed a lot more fun and interesting when the beastmen were killing everyone in sight and there were more of them to kill off. Now Fort Karugo-Narugo can have as many as four groups of NPCs easily taking down the mobs before I can even get a glimpse of one! Argh! I don’t remember battles lasting as long as they seem to have been, and its downright annoying to keep looking at the clock and seeing that 10 minutes will go by and there is still no mob in sight. Meh. At least I was able to get a merit or two out of this, but I’m still kind of meh about wanting to go solo Campaign now when battles are taking an hour or more to finish…

4 thoughts on “Campaign mobs… where are you?

  1. </3 Fort.
    People keep killing mobs BEFORE they actually arrive there and there is no fun. I’d rather roam between zones, and you get so much exp :3

  2. :X I know I could, but that’s not the nation I signed up for (to get Aegis Scream II completed) and I usually go to where the activity is… at the time it was Fort and then Grauberg where I also faced the same problem. ._.; But then I got booted out of Grauberg when my system crashed so… meh!

  3. That’s weird… the last two times that I participated in Campaign at the Fort they were both 5 waves long. I was attempting to completed Aegis Scream III for it… took me six battles to finish it off, even with the two 5 wave battles. I did notice that the majority of battles to forever to end though. Hope you got the Op done though. :)