New Layout? Where?

If you’re wondering where I have been these past few days, well… mostly busy with school, work, and health related issues. The newest version of doink! was supposed to have gone live soon after returning from Sakura Con, but Orophen and I decided to refrain from putting it up after I decided I didn’t like how it looked on smaller resolutions (1280×768). Its still being worked on, so expect to see something new in the next few weeks (or sooner… later, and expect to see a dead body).

I am also working on SCH on the side, since BLU is kind of… left to the wayside at the moment. Mostly because of my weekends being eaten up and then health/personal issues coming up when we do get to leveling up. @_@; So, hopefully, we will get the time to do a full session sooner or later…

4 thoughts on “New Layout? Where?

  1. Hey Cala… long time no see. Hope you and everyone else are well. ^^ I’m interested in knowing how far you’ve taken SCH and how far you plan on going. I’m currently level 23 and I want to at least get it to 37 so I can sub it on WHM when I don’t have a RDM (i.e. missions, parties and whatnot.) I might even continue SCH if I feel I enjoy it which I do so far. Hope to see you and the others around soon and how you’re well. ^^

  2. At the moment, I plan to take it to 37 but have the desire to take it to 60 and beyond. I am currently level 6, and have talked to Oro about duoing it. Not sure if we’ll actually do so, but I am very interested in getting high as I can since it seems like a very fun job. :3

  3. Scholar does seem to be quite fun so far. Even though nuking is lolworthy for me as elvaan…but then again, so is any job nuking I have found out, no matter the gear I have to supplement…it is interesting regardless even as soon as 18. I have not tested it out after the changes as of yet, but with a little more complete library of spells it looks like I have some work to do there when I finally get done with dancer.

  4. I agree that it is very interesting. ^^ I was reluctant at first to go back to the *shiver* Dunes… but I got parties so fast especially after I got Cure II and Regen. (btw it really sucks trying to main heal without at least Cure II when you’ve already leveled WHM >.<). I’ve made gears swaps for INT and MND gear but nukes still seem to be farly random especially since I don’t use pies. I like that fact that I can essentially play two roles decently (which I think ups my chances at getting invites). I really want Sublimation though, however I wish that we got Stoneskin without subbing it because it will probably make it difficult to use the ability when I can’t rest (unless I start it early and use it in an emergency). Hope you two get to dabble in it some more because I’d enjoy comparing thoughts on the job. ^^

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