Here I am.

Copied and pasted directly from my private Livejournal account:

I had an operation Saturday morning to remove two Gallbladder stones and my gallblader. I am OK, but the procedure was dire due to the infection of my gallbladder and the location of the stones (one was blocking my gallbladder and the other was on its way to my pancreas; the later one could have caused me to die supposedly). I’m OK, but extremely sore, tired, and yeah. I’m pushing myself once in awhile to get up, walk and do things. But I have to cut it down to a short time each day. I’m way over my limit as I type this, but I just wanted people to know what’s up. Now, if you excuse me, I need to lay down. Have FOUR cuts into you and a missing gallblader is anything but fun. Ow.

If you haven’t heard or seen from me, that’s why. I am not sure I will be of any presence on FFXI this weekend, but we’ll see. My strength is getting back, but I’m on doctor’s orders to be in bed 90% of the time. I intend to keep to it as I wish to come back to work ASAP.

And, yes, the untagged entries on the communities are driving me nuts when I take a glance at it even if for a second.

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