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A return?

A week after the operation, I wanted to try getting back into the routine of daily life and thought of checking out FFXI for a bit. I can’t play for long periods of time because it causes stress on my body (I feel really fatigued after awhile), but I do have fun doing things for a short time. Saturday was one day I logged in and out on a continual basis but found myself doing more things than normal. It was a nice change of pace, and I even got to try out the new things that were added in the last patch!

Nyzul Isle Investigation

Decided to do Nyzul Isle Investigation with the strangest setup: 75 THF, 74 BRD (me), 68 MNK, 56 RDM (boyfriend). It was a spur of the moment kind of thing, and I only wanted to do it just because it was new. We didn’t make it very far (only to level 1), but I think with the right kind of set up it we could have gotten further than we did. Still… it was a lot of fun and I think I’d like to do more of it in the future if I got a chance.

Level 7 Besieged

Besieged is still a pain in the but with models not popping up, lag, etc… but it is bearable now that only 300 or so are wanting to actually do it when I’m on. I joked with my LS mates later that evening of doing 15 Besieges in order to get my level 75. What of a party? Well, when you’re feeling exhausted just sitting in a desk chair because you are missing a gallbladder? Then, yeah, you’ll want to take the easier route of curing for until your MP is drained, resting (in game and in real life), and then going at it again.

the Boyahda Tree

Thanks to the new signet patch, I wanted to see how getting EXP would be duoing off of Steelcrabs in the ol’ Tree. My friend had other ideas, however, and we found ourselves fighting T++ Elder Goobbues, leveling up my NPC, and getting a bit of change on the side. It wasn’t so bad and I actually enjoyed myself for a bit. Well, until I exhausted myself and felt like collapsing into a heap on the floor. I hope to take Reiokyu around with me to duo since he has a hard time getting parties once in awhile and I have found BRD pulling to be too exhausting lately (more so because of the operation). Speaking of which, I want to wish the guy good luck as he nears his fight with Maat. I don’t know what the MNK Maat fight is like, but here is hoping he clears it!

Wandering around Bibiki Bay

Maybe its because I was chatting on AIM, I was feeling exhausted, or I just wasn’t paying attention, but running around aimlessly in Bibiki Bay? Yeah. Not a good idea. At least not when you run into a DC++ Hobgoblin that wants to chew on your head. I seriously thought of taking him on, but then thought the better of it when I realized a.) my NPC died and b.) I wasn’t prepared going into it. I’d really like to solo something that is DC or higher on my BRD, but I guess it will have to wait till I feel better and am better prepared for it… orz.

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