BLU Level 21-23

If this entry seems discombobulated, its because I’m still sick but determined to churn this entry out before I forget. At any rate, we didn’t party for very long given that both myself and Orophen are still sick. Orophen more so because only a day after he’s been throwing up, he decided it would be a good idea to eat Hot Wings. *sigh*

For today’s party, we started off at Qufim Island because we saw that not many people were there and more importantly? No power leveled Rangers! We had gone in when it was night time, however, and had to make due with killing crabs before worms respawned. I had completely forgotten to equip Helldive, however, and didn’t think to do it till later on. I guess I was just that tired and out of it? Who knows. We made quick work of the crabs and worms, however, and managed to get by until daytime broke. Working our way to the lake, we used our bands and made quick work of the worms there by chaining worms as high as IT to T. With as little as 20 expereince points into level 21 when we started out, we ended up getting our level in about 45 minutes or so.

Getting to level 23, however, was a bit of a chore and sloppily done. With night drawing near, we headed to the Tower only to have Mekare get my attention I was going the opposite direction! Oi. At any rate, we tried crabs out there for awhile and did rather well, but I wasn’t liking the pace we were going at and decided to go back to the lake when it was daytime. Yet something still didn’t seem right as we found ourselves getting constantly silenced this time around. It was then I suggested we change camps to Sauromugue Champaign to fight beetles. There are only four beetle spawns here (sometimes as many as 5), but it was ok with us since we weren’t making juices this time around. I was feeling sick and not in the mood to make them, and Mekare and Orophen’s funds were pretty much in decline. Orophen did give me emergency supplies for juices, however, as I was the only one who had /whm subbed and am relied upon to use Healing Breeze when things get a little nasty.

We made quick work of the T Beetles and then moved onto the VT Beetles when we had a little over 100 mp for each of us. What I didn’t anticipate, however, was the fact that ITs would be popping into the mix and giving us a harder time than the VTs. Which, of course, seems obvious to most people, but I had been a WHM and BRD prior to leveling BLU, and never really paid any attention to that sort of detail. Its wasn’t my business to check monsters while they are fighting, but to keep the party alive and what not. Oh well…

As we fought the beetles, I couldn’t help but contemplate how much more fun it was to be in this kind of set up. I know I’ve probably said this a kabillion times already, but its nice to say, “Hey… maybe we should try this camp instead” and actually have people go with it instead of meeting all kinds of resistance, complaints, and what have you. The flexibility of such a small group also allows us to party where no one else is at, and that is always a major plus when you don’t want to deal with the hassle of changing camps because Undead are about to wreck havoc upon your being in a few minutes.

Unfortunately, I’m going to need to desginate someone else to pull and try to sit on my hands when I want to go pulling. Sometimes I have to resist the urge to want to pull when Mekare only has 80 – 100 MP. Although I had good intentions (we were close to leveling up), sometimes I wonder if my BRD pulling sprees had too much of an influence on how much I think we can take. Which is kind of silly considering, well, we don’t have a WHM with Dark Staff, double ballad, or other MP refreshing gear, a BRD, or a primary tank. Heck, even I can be a tank if I wanted to, but that isn’t always the best thing for a gal who is trying to spam cures, Healing Breezes, and then forgets to cast that Cocoon until her HP is dwindling down to 140 or less. Ouch?

But! At least we leveled up! :D We didn’t get much further than this, as I was feeling pretty exhausted and wanted to take a nap. We’ll be going at it, hopefully, next weekend if not trying to get some funds flowing to get the gear we need at level 25 for everyone.

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