Despite finishing CoP, getting close to finishing ACP, and having my birthday yesterday… I have something more important to post about. Yes, that’s right. As of now, /echo is now live although not completely finished.

What is /echo and what about doink!?

/echo is a side diary from doink! I say diary because we are disabling comments on the entire journal itself due to the nature of this project. This project is taken as a view point from our characters or how we imagine our characters to be in the game. That said, whatever Calaera writes in /echo isn’t what Calaera in doink! actually thinks or feels (such as MNKs being uncouth gorillas). I am just merely portraying the harsher and more domineering personality that is Calaera and not Calaera/Marella of doink! Make sense? Not only this, but /echo will have more than one author participating in it to help give a more indepth feeling as to how or what is going on in the lives of the people interacting or slaves friends of Calaera.

That said, doink! will still be updated but with MY voice as the real player and not the character. It will also continue to be solely updated by myself and have other game/real life entries posted onto it. Comments, of course, will also still be accepted here since it is a blog and not a diary.

Anyway, feel free to take a look for yourself what is going on in /echo and I hope you enjoy our new project! https://astralcandy.com/echo/

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