Promathia VS GameOver; Guess who won?

Before you continue to read, if you haven’t finished CoP or you hate being spoiled then don’t read any further. Screenshots and everything all contain spoilers, so don’t go crying later on when I told you otherwise!

Still here? Good. We started off Saturday morning with the damned twins being late despite me saying they needed to be there at 9 a.m. PST sharp. Sharp to Hiro meant 2 minutes late, and sharp to Orophen meant being in another zone but on time and then forgetting to get the medicines I had sent him. Go figure! I was actually wrought with a lot of worry and anxiety beforehand. Years ago, I never really expected to get this far especially after the drama that had occurred with a few former friends at the time. I still remember making a plea of help to my other friends to help get Promyvions done after I was accused of being a spoiled brat because I wanted to get another Promyvion done than what someone else wanted… despite me saying over and over again we were going to do Dem and not Holla after Mea. -_-;

Now that we had gotten this far, I built myself up to finishing the last two missions that day due to the limited time we had with my brother available and because I really wanted to get the rings for everyone. I worried we would mess up somewhere, things would go bad, or something. Its not that I don’t have faith in my LS; because I really do trust them all to do their best because they are an awesome group of people. I just didn’t want to go in with foolish expectations and end up disappointed.

We did dry runs for both the last two missions, and on the second “real” run we were able to pull through wonderfully with the exception of Promathia that nearly had my heart stop a few times with worry we were all going to wipe after Orophen’s EES was more like an EED (Eagle Eye Dud).

I am actually sad we can’t easily redo that last fight. I have seen screenshots, heard the stories, etc, but witnessing the battle and arena for yourself is a totally and completely different thing altogether. It was hard NOT to want to take screenshots of the place like crazy because it was a jaw droppingly beautiful arena and the battle itself was just hair raising and intense! Sure it was easy compared to the other battles, but seeing some of our favorite characters there fighting alongside us and then our favorite spells (go go Meteor!) crashing upon us was just… :Q

Ok, so Meteor was scary as hell at times because being Muted sucks… but I think it was still part of the fun and I actually wish I could do that fight over again just because of the sheer fun of it.

While watching most of the last CSes, I could help but think back on a lot of things. CoP brought a lot of us closer together, as most of us never really played with each other so intensely before CoP save for myself, Orophen, and Mekare. The three of us were used to each other play styles, could read each other, and basically play with each other knowing that our backs were always covered. So playing with my brother, Hiroshiko (other little brother), and Reiokyu was quite different for the rest of us. I still remember playing with Hiroshiko and gnashing my teeth because I kept thinking “I could do a better job…” or “Why the hell is he doing that and not this!?!”. Now I am not so sure of my skills as WHM, because he has grown to be quite competent over time and is actually one of the few people I would trust to take care of us if I’m slacking. Plus, its nice not having to main heal as BRD and still keep up songs on everyone. Even Reio makes me feel self conscious at times now, and I keep thinking the guy thinks of me as a loser now than the other way around.

Now that its done, I am still hoping we get to do things together. Reiokyu is ahead on a lot of things, Hiroshiko needs to get caught up on RotZ, Mekare wants to do ToAU, and I want to do more WotG. I don’t know what order we will do things, when they will get done, or what… but I am hoping to continue to do more things together even after getting our long awaited goal accomplished.

Oh, and I’m sure you want to know what ring I chose…

:3 Now time for sleep~

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