So that’s where my muffin hat went…

Last Saturday, I managed to get everyone around for a short level sync party at level 62. Its been awhile since we were able to party and I actually felt a little nostalgic when I was leveling my BRD in Mount Zhayolm. This time I was mostly BRD so I could help lessen downtime with Ballad and not get father ahead of Orophen and Mekare as BLU. It was a trip down memory lane, and I knew I was really rusty with my singing. I actually kept kicking myself for being a lousy BRD in that party, because songs would go off and I’d want to scream out “Noooooooooooo” and worry if others were thinking I was such a lame, lazy bum because I honestly felt like one. I almost felt as though I were in my own little world, because keeping track of the chat log and such was a little hard for me. I kept worrying if someone was going to bite my head off because I missed a mob buff…

I think the main reason I was so bored, however, was because there wasn’t much for me to actually worry about besides making sure Ballads were up. Things didn’t seem to get too ugly (ok, maybe once), I didn’t have to pull like a maniac, and we took a break when it came to Firesday. Simple, no?

I am even working on DNC on the side once in awhile, which is actually a lot less painful after I got to 15. I never thought I would get that far because I would often gnash my teeth from levels 1 – 15. At one point I remember begging to play with Orophen because it would have lessened me wanting to kill myself trying to solo.

In WoW I’ve been some what productive… when I can actually log on. For a few weeks Misha had a number of problems with long queue times being one major problem, followed by insane lag, and then some weird problem that resulted in no one being able to log onto Misha and then having their quests messed up in very strange ways. It made me feel spoiled by the ease of which I can log onto FFXI without having to wait up to an hour to get onto a server and play. Which would have been ok if I didn’t just want to go on for a short time before going to bed. On the other hand, I found I could complete an FoV (solo) in about 30 – 45 minutes or less depending on what kind of page I chose. So kudos to WoW for forcing me to level DNC in short bursts since I couldn’t go messing around with my Hunter or Shaman.

Happy New Year 2009!

Since I slacked off on doing this… Here is my Top 10 taken from JP Button (

What is 「10大ニュース」?

10大ニュース (juu dai nyuusu), is literally a list of 10 big(大) bits of news(ニュース) or events that have happened to you over the past year.

In Japan, the end of the year is filled with parties and drinking, much more so than the beginning of a new one. As the next year fast approaches, people will hold a 忘年会 (bou-nen-kai) , or a gathering (会) to forget (忘) the current year (年). This is accomplished through copious amounts of alcohol, and often times, the telling of one’s 10大ニュース. It’s like a personal Top-10 list.

This list can contain any 10 events that you feel have affected you deeply, most often in a positive way. As we all close another year here on Earth, (and thus another 25 years in Vana’diel), I felt it would be fun to combine a little bit of Japanese culture with the community’s penchant for touting in-game accomplishments. Everyone likes sharing their success, so here’s a perfect chance!

Here’s an example of what a list might look like:

You can include equipment you’ve gotten:

10. Acquired Dancer AF Attire

9. Completed all Automaton attachments

You can include things that were special to you.

8. Got promoted to Sackholder in my LS

7. Convinced my friend to sign up for the game

Maybe you conquered some personal challenges, however big or small.

6. Beat all the Level-20 Avatar quests

5. Solo’d all my Scholar Artifact quests

Perhaps endgame is more your thing.

4. Completed Relic Weapon: Claustrum

Or e-peen.

3. SOLO tanked Cerb against ally of DD’s

The more creative of you out there could write from your character’s point of view.

2. Teamed up with Lilisette to catch Cait Sith

And game-related stuff is okay too

1. Opened a new website and received amazing support from the best MMO community in the world.

What is my list like? Click the link to read more!

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