So, sooner or later, a gamer who isn’t rolling around in the moo-lah will eventually run into the same problem I’m going to run into for the month of December: slimming of funds. Things would be perfectly fine if it weren’t for the following: me (still) trying to get the new laptop, my physiotheraphy appointments (once a week for $30 a session), and then Christmas. I’m not even including the other bills into the picture, because I’m sure that is a dead given at this point. So, I’m pretty much going to have to put things aside for a month and try to hope for the next year.

I’m just thankful someone has decided to be super kind to me and basically toss me a bone, despite me joking about it. Just because I was joking, doesn’t mean I’m not grateful (because I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY am) and am looking forward to getting an early Christmas present this year. ;)

Oh yes, and before anyone thinks they can beat someone at Wii Boxing because they are a girl, then you have another thing coming! This recent Thanksgiving I KO’ed not just 1 but 5 guys! They all demanded rematches because I was the champion boxer of the night! Keke. I was laughing so hard because it took most of the guys two – three rounds to take each other out, but I would knock them dead in less than a minute. The only one who came close to defeating me was my father. How? Because he made me laugh by being silly, and I couldn’t keep my head up to focus on the screen. But! In the end, I defeated him, too! Too bad he can kick my ass harder in real life, than I could to him in a video game. /cry

You’re toxic, I’m slipping under~

Yeah, I quoted Britney Spears. Yeah, I’m out of mind. But what do you expect? I’ve been playing WoW’s Blood Elf as of late, and they are certifiably on crack. How do I know? Just watch us dance!


So, yeah. Mekare, Orophen, and I have had no inkling to really head back to FFXI as of late. Its not that we hate FFXI (although we do have our gripes with the game). We just haven’t had a reason to go on there. On WoW we’re trying to do quests up the wazzo, learning how to do our jobs, etc. I feel like there is so much to learn, and yet I can’t even learn it all since I don’t have all the spells that would add more to my job. At level 17, I’m just barely making a dent into the game… let alone the Paladin class. I had wanted to play as a Priest (WHM), but I wanted to try something new and different. So far I have two characters: one is a Paladin and the other a Rogue (THF/NIN kinda). I really like both jobs, and I’m absolutely in love with the Blood Elves. They are oh so pretty (I’ll probably drive Mekare and Orophen mad with my pretty comments/jokes)!


One of the coolest things we have found out about WoW is that we can get drunk. I don’t drink in real life, but watching my character drink in the game? Hilarious! Especially when they veer off too far in one direction over the other or what have you. Though its kind of scary when you fall into the water, and… yeah. Don’t try it!

As for WotG, I’m going to wait a bit before actually getting it. I want to see how people are reacting to it, if its really worth the money, and most importantly: if Mekare and Orophen will have the inkling to get it. Nothing against my good friends on Ragnarok, but Mekare and Orophen are my best friends and they are always there for me in the game. I’ll follow them wherever they go, and without them I’d be wondering when the hell Hiro will actually log on to do stuff or if Reio will talk about piss poor damage and then force me to spend all my MP healing him. :P I don’t get none of that on my beloved Mekare or my stinky ol’ boyfriend… kind of.

For my U.S. readers, Happy (early) Thanksgiving! ^-^ I’m looking forward to an extended weekend to do a lot more sleeping and a lot less stressing out. I’ll post what I’m thankful later on, when I have something ready to show the whole world how mushy I can be. D’awww. :3

/point {Over there}!

A lot has happened since my last post, and I’ll give the run down before going into the actual meat of things:

– Returned the Inspiron 1520, and will probably get a Sony Vaio SZ in its place. If that SZ had the keyboard of the CR and the TZ, I think I would love it more than I already do.

– Have been on WoW with Mekare and Orophen lately. We started as Night Elves during our trial, now we’re evil, fruity Blood Elves. We’re pretty. Very pretty. The rest of the Horde? Not so much. But us? We’re pretty.

– Have felt a lot of discontent with FFXI after hearing news that no more new jobs will be announced at the U.S. Fan Fest, and the lameness of the most recent event.

And it brings me to, well, now. A lot of people I’ve known have played other MMOs to take a break from FFXI, but I’ve always some how managed not to do that until now. It feels great but at the same time I’ve found myself in a lot of discontent and frustration towards S-E when news started to spread that there would be no other new jobs for WotG. Which in itself is fine, but I was looking forward to another tank job. Not only that, but introducing more mages doesn’t seem like it would help as most parties are TP burn even at the earlier levels. The TP burn, from what I have discovered after taking a huge step back from the game, is really bugging the hell out of me. I knew it was kind of ‘eh’ for me before, but I’ve found that I really dislike it and how it has changed leveling.

Yeah, I know there were burn parties before and that easy exp means easier time getting to end game and that not all of this is a super bad thing. But you know what? I’m still frustrated. What discourages me a lot from leveling WHM either by myself or with Orophen, is that a lot of times I’m competing against 3 – 8 other WHMs in a two – three level range. That’s nothing new and is normal. The problem lies in the fact that there is no need for all the mages that are seeking because most parties are being formed with a TP burn in mind. Call me old skool, but I like the days when it was three melee and three mages. Then again, I also liked it when people talked about using WSes and MB instead of just spamming WSes left, right, up, down, and side to side.

Don’t get me wrong, its kind of nice that the game is a little more simplified in that regards. I just don’t like all of this TP burn stuff going on, or how parties are being built with SAMs up the wazzu. Nor do I like the kind of positions mages are put in or how I feel my limited time is increasingly wasted when I have to compete against seven other WHMs. The later is probably my fault since I choose to level support jobs (stupid me) and be a casual player (stupid me x 2).

I also hate drop rates on lacy underwear, but that’s because it sucks being in a dungeon with nothing else to do but wonder if that Fomor Paladin or Bard is wearing salvageable underwear or not. Grossed out? So am I. So am I.

I’m probably just nit picking. There is still a lot to like about FFXI, but after the 2H update? I’ve felt this discontent that has sort of just stewed and then overwhelmed me as of late. I’m enjoying WoW, but am probably enjoying it most of all because Mekare and Orophen are with me. I couldn’t hack it by myself, and that is probably why I’ll still play FFXI. I have several friends on FFXI (few but very dear) who are important to me, and I enjoy playing and chatting with them. I also enjoy the FFXI community a lot, even though I find the WoW one to be hilarious as well. ;( Though I’m going to miss Mekare’s Imp a LOT…