OMG He leveled up!

After being diagnosed, misdiagnosed, and uh… diagnosed again… the doctor speculated I had mono. I don’t know what to believe in anymore, but I do know I was feeling much better this weekend save for the back pain I suffer once in awhile.

At any rate, I have been trying to scramble to do as many Campaigns as I can to get back my medals and to level up my WHM. It has sometimes failed by the Campaigns either ending by the time we get there or disconnecting just minutes before the Campaign ended. We also lauded the return of my brother back into the gaming and *gasp* LEVELING up. It was the marking of the end of the world seeing this, but I guess it was sooner or later before the apocalypse had to come.

I didn’t stay on for as long as I wanted to, however, due to health reasons, but I managed to get a bit done before my MRI on Saturday and then watch as my desktop’s wireless connection choked, gurgled, and then died when trying to update FFXI. Seems like I will be playing and working on my laptop a little bit longer than I anticipated…

Anyway, I want to Congratulate Hiroshiko on graduating from High School and being accepted to Howard University! Its a big achievement for such a little guy who used to cower in fear in my presence. Oh how did his knees quake when he saw me looming over him oh so many years ago. If only I had dangled him from the tree then… then maybe I would have had a more obedient pet to add to my lineup.

The world is ending!

I know we have all poked at and laughed at S-E. Even though we knew certain additions or changes could have helped us for the many years some of us have been playing, we kind of just gritted our teeth and bared with it when those changes never took place. Now, as the game is headed through the geriatric stage, S-E has finally decided it was worth implementing the following:

Nomad Moogles in Selbina and Mhaura
Supply Quest Records
Item Autosort Function

If it weren’t for the fact I’m already tired as heck (been awake since 4:45 A.M.), sick, and still depressed over the fake out over the new MMO Orophen mentioned to me yesterday? I would be hitting my head on the table a few times asking what the bloody hell took them so long.

Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?

102. That was my temperature the other day, and since then I’ve been laying in bed delirious, wondering if I could make an omelet on my head, and if Reiokyu would accept scrambled eggs in his package I have yet to send out. My fever has gotten better, worse, better, and uh… lets just say it can’t tell me if it wants to stay or go.

I wanted to force myself to write because I have been missing the world of Vana’diel since I found myself being unable to play due to my body wanting to go into a comatose state when the weekend hits or the fact I have a pile of homework I have been unable to complete my homework due to said comatose state. Most of the time I just want to laugh it off, but its starting to stress me out. Its not fun when you want to do something, but find that you can’t because you’re in bed sleeping the day away. And its not something I want personally, but something my body demands of because of some reason or another.

Probably the only amount of joy I had was to briefly play with Mekare (Happy Belated Birthday!) and then to do Crystal War Quests with Orophen. Halver? He is a total loser with a capital L. Its ok, because I still <3 him and his love for his sister~ Oh yeah, and the JP totally have everyone pwned in the first Mario Kart tournament. The rankings as of last night showed that 9 out of 10 spots were held by the JP with a record time of 1 minute and 30 seconds. I almost came close to 1 minute 45 seconds, and then I got hit by a chain, a shell, and then ran over. ._.; Good bye beautiful time record~