The troubles of a little BRD

BLU set is on hold this weekend due to personal reasons with one of our set members. In the meantime, Orophen has been working diligently on my layout and is almost close to being perfected. Me? I caught up on sleep and finally felt ready to get over the hurdle I’ve been putting off for months now. Yes, I’m actually working on getting BRD to 75! Yeah, yeah, yeah, don’t choke on your food just yet! I haven’t exactly made it to 75, but I’m about 20k EXP away from getting it! A huge step if you ask me.

It took me awhile to actually get a party, however, because not even 2,000 were on the server during the time I started to seek. Kind of a bummer, if you ask me. I remember when Saturdays would hold over 2,000 people by the time I logged on! Makes me wonder if S-E is ever going to consider merging servers to help with the dwindling populations on the servers.

The party itself was ok, but it didn’t help any that I lagged so much. My FPS was hovering at about 8 – 10, and sometimes I can’t tell if I was casting a song or not. It was so bad that I ended up dying at one point and getting close to death a few other times. I shudder to think what it would have been like if I had to have pulled in the Mire… ugh…

And while the Everybody Votes Channel is one of the lamest things ever, I can’t help but vote and share my data as of date:

Vote Count: 10
Prediction Record: 5 Wins 0 Losses
Prediction Accuracy: 100%
How Tuned in Are You? 300 points, Thought Dominated
Distance From Popular Opinion: 38m

Now if only they had something as silly and pointless to do on a daily basis for the DS. I’d have a more entertaining ferry ride, for sure.

BLU Level 25-27

Yes, this entry is long delayed, but I have been putting it off for a few reasons:

1. I thought my new layout would be ready. Its not, and that is why I am posting now.

2. I’ve been caught up in other things. Work is a large part of it, but I have also been sharing my time with a game known as Ragnarok Online. For those who don’t know me, I used to play this game before switching over to FFXI. I am only playing RO because, well, its mindless pointing and clicking. No having to worry about whether I have x, y, or z item or thing done, just go out and stab things to death. Sometimes, a girl just needs to stab things mindlessly for hours at a time.

3. Part of me didn’t feel like it. The lazy bug kicked in, sue me. It is why this entry will be rather short, as well.

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BLU Level 23-25 & BCNM 20: Charming Trio

This weekend is an unusual entry for the BLU set as we (well, actually, just me) woke up early in order to start the set at an earlier time and allow enough time for Mekare to play before going on a date. We didn’t get much done, however, as I tend to get into more trouble than I should allow happen… but more on that later.

We started off trying our Head Butt routine over at Sauromugue Champaign by working it on beetles. I decided to have Mekare start off (at this time we were still going with our /WAR, /WAR, and /WHM set up), followed by me, and then finished off with Orophen. Taking Orophen’s complaint in mind about not wanting to do something “organized”, I had people put in annoying calls so that he knew when to do his macro. The calls were (in order) call 14, 15, and 16. Annoying? Yes. But it could have been worse! I could have chosen to use call1, 2, and 3!

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Star Smasher! (reposted from 09/22/06)

Originally posted here:

Last night I had decided on a whim, “I want to get the Maat fight done and over with.” Felt I was being hasty, played Tetris DS (made it to level 50-something before I decided I needed to sleep), and woke up this morning with the same thought I had last night.

I didn’t want to wait to cap my sword skill, I didn’t want to wait for level 70, and I sure as hell didn’t want to hold back my friend who has been patiently waiting for me to catch up to her so we could level together. Sooo… despite all the troubles I had with my computer and wireless router this morning, I took a nose dive into fighting Maat.

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BLU Level 21-23

If this entry seems discombobulated, its because I’m still sick but determined to churn this entry out before I forget. At any rate, we didn’t party for very long given that both myself and Orophen are still sick. Orophen more so because only a day after he’s been throwing up, he decided it would be a good idea to eat Hot Wings. *sigh*

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BLU Level 18-21 & BCNM 20: Wings of Fury

Oi! What a busy weekend! All of it was very exciting, despite the few frustrations that we ran into as we tried to get a few spells as we leveled. We started off the weekend with a run to Gusgen Mines in an attempt to get Poison Breath. Orophen had gotten it for me as his RDM, and I was returning the favor by getting it for him and Mekare on my BRD. And while I am a level 74 BRD, I should remember that I am also a sweet tasting morsel for all monsters alike. Pulling too many mobs can tend to tenderize me nicely, and it was while I was getting beat up on that I forget Stoneskin! Doh. Made my life a whole lot easier when I threw that up and continued to Dia happily while people passed us by and looked at us strangely..

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BLU Level 15-18

There are times when I am little ashamed for not planning things out very carefully and end up yanking people from point a to m, z, and then to f. We had started out the day with the intention of leveling BLU to make up for yesterday’s inability to do so due to Orophen’s connection being down. We were in Carpenter’s Landing, when I had realized to look at the moon phase. What for? Why, for Rogetsurin, of course! With each of us alternating as pullers, and having no other ranged weapon, I thought it would be a great idea for each of us to become equipped with this piece. I spoke with Hiroshiko, and he agreed to help us get the item as long as we could get him one, too. After playing around in Carpenter’s Landing for awhile, he came to whisk us off to the Highlands and to start hunting down Bendigeit Vran (New Moon spawn). We had gone by two hours without any luck, and with Hiroshiko having to leave after the second round.

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BLU Set START! Level 10-15

In the land of Vana’diel, many know that there are times when finding people for a party can be a headache. You may already have two or three other people, but finding the other people to fit into key roles? Not always easy, eh? It was always a problem when we leveled with our friends, and found ourselves just making a small party of three to pass the time and gain some EXP while we played the waiting game. After awhile, we decided we wanted this to change. We aren’t the most stellar players boasting x, y, and z accomplishments or equipments, but we trusted each other to get things done and almost always found each other’s company more relaxing than the random person in the party who either has nothing to say or feels we should be worshiping the ground they walk on. Leveling three RDMs seemed ridiculous, and leveling BST was out of the qusetion. Random conversations of BLU came up, and we knew the path we wanted to take…

The tale of the three BLU now begins…

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