Kirin: 0/1

Went to do sky gods for the very first time today. Killed Suzaku 2 or 3 times and then went to Kirin shortly after FinalRealm only to get aggro from Byakko while raising someone, getting MPKed by people not realizing they had the Gods on them, and Kirin casting Rasp on me while trying to Raise someone again. I did get to walk away with a Aquarian Abjuration: Legs, but it will probably go unused since there is no way I’m going to dish out 1.2 mil for Cursed Slacks. Lesson(s) learned today: get more EXP and make sure I’m far away from Kirin and his minions when I try to raise. ._.;

Oh yeah, Pokemon stole my shiny Chimchar. I is sad.

Creating Pokemon for me and you

Have Pokemon? Chose Turtwig or Piplup but want your own Chimchar? Post a comment and I’ll arrange to send you one! :3 The mother is a shiny Chimchar and the father is a Ponyta. Freaky, I know. I’m currently trying to find a way to breed both Turtwig and Piplup so that I can spread the eggs to all my friends. And, yes, it will be sent in egg form!

Pokemon Diamond

My friend code is: 0774-0728-3222 and my name is Marella. PLEASE comment with your friend code and name if you add me! I plan to make a page of my Friend Codes for all the WiFi enabled games I own, including Tetris.

I haven’t gotten far, but I thought it was cool to see at least one other person playing Pokemon while waiting on the ferry. Right now abusing the free cures after each battle to level up as many Pokemon as I can without too much headache. I just wish there was a faster way to go through the battles. I’m a relative Pokemon noob (this is the first game I owned and actually intend to play from start to finish; the previous games were owned by my brother and/or sister), so any advice is welcome! Well, besides to stop playing the game…

A helping hand

This morning Orophen and I decided to try to level NIN and BLM since they are both subjobs that we needed leveled before we could progress with our other jobs. We headed to Holaris Peak to get a scroll for him, and had went idle for awhile to attend to personal business. We came back just as a BCNM party was ejected from the circle, and waited awhile before tossing one of their members (I think maybe a NIN or something) a cure or two. Nothing bad, right? Well, until I got a slap by the RDM. No reason, except for his wanting to mess with us. It is probably one of the things I hate most about any given MMO: random, unwarranted actions by others who simply do it to get a rise out of the other person. Meh.

Anyway, proceeded to get a party for our duo and headed to Garliage Citadel. I told the party it had been years since I had leveled BLM so I was really rusty and would potentially suck while playing. The party didn’t go off to a great start, as we had aggro, half the party died, and I had forgotten all about Escape until Orophen asked me if I had the spell learned or not. Things only went downhill from there, as Orophen continually died mostly due to the level of monsters we were fighting. Beetles for a level 31 NIN Taru? Er, yeah.

After numerous deaths for mostly Orophen, the party disbanded and we left to get his RDM AF hat done. We were intending only to kill Miser Murphey, but soon after we killed it another RDM AF3 party was around and formed an alliance with us to kill Miser Murphey and the doll in the Citadel. Managed to get it done for all the three RDMs and went to San d’Oria happy that Orophen now has his RDM AF set completed.

On a final (FFXI) note, I just want to say thank you very much to Mekare for the Cure Clogs she has given to me a few days after my birthday. I swear I am spoiled rotten by her, but appreciate and cherish all the things she has given me. Heck, I still have a Cape +1 (amongst other things) Orophen gave me when I started playing the game on my Elvaan!

Also, in a little less than 2 hours I managed to get to level 216 on Tetris. I would have gotten further but I gave up and purposefully lost so I could uncross my eyes. o_O; My goal is to get a score of 99,999,999 some day and boost my WiFi ranking as well~

WHM AF Body and the DS Lite


Lets face it. WHM AF looks ugly on most male models (unless you are a Taru and wear the condom AF hat). But on many girl models it looks absolutely adorable! I have wanted to wear this specific piece for a very long time, but never had the chance to level up. Either there were too few people, too many JP only seekers, or my body was yelling at me to stop messing around and just rest. Now all I need to do is reach 60, level up subjobs (ick), and then get back to leveling it to 75 and get sea for BLU.

Anyway, I got an early birthday present from Derrick: a DS Lite. The screen is really bright, the console is light weight, and the controls aren’t so bad. Will make playing rounds of Tetris DS much easier on my eyes and hands! If only I could show it off to Hiroshiko to make him drool in envy! Heh. Will have to wait till Sunday or Monday of next week, however, to get new games. Definitely getting Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice for All and possibly Pokemon Diamond. I know several theSyndicate members are betting on me buying it, because I made the ludicrous claim I was going to get it. I kind of sort of changed my mind, but I might just buy it so I can challenge my poor, helpless servants friends and younger brother at the game they are all excited for. Well, and because its near impossible to find a copy of Puzzle Quest around here… /sulk

Ground Strike

Sadly, this wasn’t for me. Er, not that I could use it anyway since I’m a BRD…


But for the first time in a long while, I actually had fun playing BRD during this (Setup: BLM, BRD, PLD, and THF). I was sleepy as hell, but I still had fun being a BRD. Maybe because the PLD was lined up for Ballad so nicely, maybe because I was singing and also supporting, and maybe because I actually felt I was doing something other than bringing mobs to the party faster than they could kill them. All in all, good fun for me before turning in for the night. ^-^b Grats to Pyronikari for getting it cleared~

Now to wait for my appointment and get to leveling WHM (hopefully) tonight…

0/10 Selene’s Bow

Black Coney was a LOT better than White Coney because of lack of 1000 HP cures from Wild Carrot. The only bit that was slightly annoying about Black Coney was how he would spam Whirl Claws once in awhile, but that is pretty easy to take care of and didn’t really cause us grief.

However, because of the time for the next Full and New Moon I doubt we’ll get another chance at getting the bow anytime soon. If I wasn’t sleepy, Mekare didn’t have to go, and other camper’s didn’t show up, I think we would have stayed longer to try and get that blasted bow. ._.; Meh.

A return to hell-er, Promyvion-Holla

I still remember the days I tried to get Promyvion-Holla done oh so long ago. I believe it took us three tries before we actually won the damn thing, and I often remember how sweet our victory was then. It was truly amazing given that we barely had any medicines, anima, and only had five people with us.

Unlike last week’s Promyvion-Mea run, I had not really planned this one out very well. In fact, it was done hastily due to the fact I merely wanted to get it done and over with. I hate Holla almost as much as I hate camping NMs or smelling “fresh” fish.

We decided to go with the anima we had (not everyone had everything, as we did not farm for anima beforehand) and chugged our way through the hell that is Holla. Upon reaching the top, we decided to try a dry run to test the waters before diving in.

The dry run went even BETTER than last week’s Mea dry run, as we were able to get the boss as low as 17% HP before completely wiping. If the BLU had actually used Yagudo drinks, food, and ethers, we could have won it all on our own.

Dry run: 17% HP!!

After being ejected out of the arena, we went over plans of anima usage and what not. Though we honestly could have just gone in and used Ethers just for the heck of it versus taking the time to put on dummy buffs and what not. It was so ridiculous we did not even miss Makai’s 2HR and relied on mostly melee 2HR to finish up the work that was already being neatly accomplished. As for the buttload of medicines, food, drinks, etc I brought? They merely ended up being re-muled for use on other missions or BCNMs. Next time: travel light!


We had 0 deaths, barely used anything (except food and drinks), and managed to get this as our reward (well, besides Makai and Hiroshiko getting Lufaise Meadows access):


Now if only Reiokyu will stop feeling impending doom will fall upon us! GAAAAH! Now to get BLU to 40 and try to get the Minotaur fight done and over with. Ick.