Change is coming~

I finalized the plan with Orophen on what to do concerning my blog. I want a fresh start. I typically desire this after awhile, and I feel as though I am due for one at the moment. Right now the current blog will be archived on one of my old domains called I feel this is fitting as some of our other stuff is also archived there and is where I had originally placed my FFXI blog previously named doink!. will now become my “personal”/micro style blog and will now become my gaming sort of blog or at least pointed specifically to a gaming category on this blog. I’m still undecided on this aspect.

The plan had been to separate the content awhile ago, but then it was scraped because I wanted simplification. But the simplification ended up not being as simple as I wanted, as I soon had problems with categorization, tagging, etc. I’m kind of obsessed with organization at times, and I’m rather nit picky about how that information is sorted. Even as of right now, I’m not sure how to sort the data and re-categorizing everything would be quite a pain to deal with.

I am also looking into reblogging content on tumblr and LJ, since I know I have friends who frequent either place and are sometimes not as keen on visiting my physical blog. Not that I blame them, because I’m also lazy doing the same and often have to make a conscious effort to check other social sites or at least checking them through via my phone… orz

Changes to the blog

In the coming weeks, I’m planning some changes to the blog. I am still debating between splitting my game and personal blog, but I know that if I do decide to blog more ffxiv I am sure my boyfriend will stare and wonder why I am not posting it on…

To be honest, sometimes I get an anxiety attack when I think of blogging ffxiv related things. I think of my early experiences with ffxiv (in-game and out) and with choice people I am very glad to have out of my life, and I can feel my entire body tense up and feel like shit. I know that sounds dramatic, but those choice four – five people were really too much for me to deal with and make me particularly reluctant to join some linkshells. It also makes me incredibly happy to be where I am and with mostly chill people who don’t have sticks up their asses or aren’t fucking insane (in a bad way). All the better if they decide to never come back to ffxiv, but eh… I’m on a different server now, so whatever.

But back to the blog. I am also planning to do it more in the style of a microblog. I know this sounds crazy when taking into consideration I am active on twitter, but I also have times when I wish to blog more than 140 characters can allow me. Tumblr is currently an alternative, but I am wanting to give WP another chance. There is also the level of control on WP vs. Tumblr that I am reluctant to give up.

So, expect to see more of my ill written blog entries. I hope. We know how well I’ve been keeping to my word of blogging more so far! <_<;