Merry Christmas 2007!


For you FFXI’ers, the background is from WoW’s Burning Crusade area. :3 The area is the Blood Elf city of Silvermoon! One of my favorite places, since Undercity has really scary looking guard, er, things.


On FFXI today, I was talking about creating a pair of Gnome mages for the fun of it. Orophen was wanting to try it out after watching several WoW videos, and I just thought it might be a fun thing to do. Midgets, after all, seem to have much fun than their taller brethren. We weren’t able to start this right away, so we leveled up DNC and SAM until the log in server was restored and made our stumpy little characters. I’ve got to admit its pretty much like playing Tarutaru but not as cute and kind of… weird looking. Anyway, I had a few moments of fun and then my friends started talking about Alliance and stuff…

Out of the three of us, I think I’m the only one that is more interested in the Horde than Alliance. Its nothing bad, but I kind of feel alone when people talk about their alliance characters and I go… “Huh?”

So, again, I decide to give the good guys a chance and made myself a horned something-something. Sue me, I can’t remember their names. I just know that they are tall and have a very thick accent. It was sort of my only choice, seeing as though I couldn’t stand leveling a Night Elf, Humans are really ugly (sorry to those who do play WoW and play Humans), and Gnomes are… Gnomes. The only drawback? No Rogue class, but I do get to choose from an assortment of… mage classes. Woo hoo?

So far I’ve tried out Mage and Shaman. Shaman is alright, and Mage comes close to a second. Both classes are much better than the alternatives I have on this race, which again makes me thankful that I don’t have to deal with this kind of bullshit on FFXI. I think I’d go batty if the ONLY job I had available to me on Tarutaru were mage jobs. Ick.

Moving away from WoW, I’ve been Mario Partying it up for awhile. Mostly on the DS and mostly losing either to the PC, my kuya (Filipino for older brother; in this case, I’m using it for a Filipino male friend who is just older than I am), or my younger sister. It is frustrating as heck, and the only consolation I have is being able to roast everyone in a particular mini game or two. My sister has also badgered me and my brother enough to play Mario Party with her on the Wii. Sadly, I found that during this time our Wii was making really weird noises when reading the discs. It was MUCH louder than normal, and I started to wonder if I needed the poor thing to get checked out. But then I got lazy and forgot all about it when I started to hack up a lung… or two.


In case you were wondering or are unable to read the title (you’ll need to have JP font enabled), the title is read “kita”. If you’re familiar with the manga/movie/drama/whatever story of Densha Otoko, frequent 2ch or 4ch, or just know a lot of Japanese, then I don’t think I have to go further. For the rest of you who don’t, it simply means either that “I have come/arrived” or that “It has come/arrived”! And if you’ve been paying attention to an entry made sometime last week, then you know exactly what to anticipate behind the cut later on! ;)

Before we get to that, I took a rare day off (other than me being sick and all) and used the time to spend with my new LS. We were aiming to do a BLU set session, but that never took place due to personal reasons. On the other hand, I went up to the ol’ Tree and got a few skill ups on dagger and sword. Wasn’t many, but I’ll take what I can get! There were a few who were getting the item needed for Windurst 9.1, another who was getting Sleepga II done, and many of us just seeking to either have some fun or skill up.


Afterwards, Mekare asked a few people if they could get together at the last minute and help me finish Windurst 8.1. I have been on that mission for who knows how long, but never really made it a point to get it done. I figured it would get done when it would get done, and well… it got done! During the skill up session and the mission, I couldn’t help but feel rusty. That one month break really did a number on me, and I found myself forgetting how to get to point a and b. It was worse when I was beginning to get paranoid over songs for what situation, but I kind of just sailed along with it. I figure if people do think I’m a bit off, I can just play myself off as one of those people who leveled up bard not caring if Ballad landed on the melees or not.


Of course, I have mostly Edoine, Tyrian, and Mekare to thank for, since they took the time out to help me get this mission done. I’m still sorry for the deaths, but still very grateful to have this mission done once and for all. That doll was starting to drive me BATTY. I just wish I could have stood on Tomoky’s shoulders a little longer so that I wouldn’t have to have everyone /sit in order to be on my level…


Its ok. One day the Tarutaru will own the world of Vana’diel with our trusty Mandragora HNM at our every beck and call. Mwhahaha!

Ok, now the part I’m sure Maiev is waiting for…

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/sea doink!

Out of curiosity, I went and checked the stats for this subdomain. Its the only active site I have on my domain, and I wanted to see how people were finding me and so on and so forth. I check these stats once in awhile, but this time I thought I’d share a few things.

As of late, I have been getting a lot of hits from TTO and the Musketeer’s forum. I also get hits from my friend’s on Livejournal and other journals I am linked to. There are a few that seek me out on google, and this is what they are usually looking for (at least for this past month):

FFXI Test Your Might
Die by the Sword BCNM
download doink them
ffxi toyer
hiroshiko girl (Hiro, is there something you AREN’T telling us?)
doink game
getting out of gusgen mines
screenshots doink

Sometimes, my site also appears if people are searching for the SpikeFlail site. Sorry, I’m not in their LS! Nor have I played with Toyer, I’m pretty sure Hiro is a boy, and I am on the wrong server (and too gimp) to be associated with BG. I had a few less hits last month since I rarely updated that month, but a lot of LJ search sites have been hitting my site trying to scan for images. Kind of annoying, but I’m rather attached to my LJ plugin.

I’ve also had my other friends searched and have had hits from those people looking for Mekare, Reiokyu, and even Orophen. Why anyone would want to search for my boyfriend(s) is beyond me…

I’m gonna knock you out! *POW*


A busy day to make up for a lousy week due to problems with Orophen’s installation and what not. I finally finished Divine Might (ZM 14), made it in time to participate in Campaign battles, joined a new linkshell, helped some people, and toured Orophen through as much of WotG as we could. Whew! Read on to see the screenshots and more:

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New laptop?


Just ordered from PortableOne and will (hopefully) see it sometime next week. That is if FedEx is faster and not as stupid as DHL. The specs are:

Style: Carbon Fiber
CPU: Intel Core Duo 2.o Ghz
Memory: 2 GB
Video: NVIDIA GeForce Go 8400GS & Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 (So it is capable of having two modes and allowing the battery to run longer if needed!)
Hard Drive: 160 GB 72oo RPM
Battery Life: 3 – 6 hours (Depends on which “mode” or graphics card I use!)
OS: Vista Business

A little bit more than what I paid for on the 1520, but I’m hoping it will be worth the money! The screen is super thin and it is large enough for me to stare at for hours at a time, since I am blind as a bat. I decided to go with P1 > Sony Style since I heard their service was great and that is a big plus for me. More so if its based in the U.S. Not meaning to shit on overseas customer support reps, but when you’re having trouble with your machine the last thing you want to do is have your words misunderstood or have to repeat yourself 5 times because of “poor connection”. Nor do I want to yell because of said poor connection… :

Anyway, here is hoping for the best with the new laptop~ :3

Final Fantasy Warcraft?

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about these two games lately. There are aspects I like from each of them, aspects I really dislike on both, and things I wish were available on each system. Most of the time I wish for the later; a marriage of the two to make a better MMO. I can’t really choose one over the other, nor will I say one is better than the other. They are different but both have aspects to them that the other could learn from the other.

Here is what I pretty much like and dislike from each game:

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Back to the Future III

I’m probably showing a little age by referencing such an older movie here, but it was what came to mind at first so I’m rolling with it! If you’re familiar with the movie (i.e. you’re old enough to have been alive when the movie was released in 1990), then you would know the basic premise of the movie. Basically, I got a great big push from my lovely “second” boyfriend and found myself, well… I think the picture says is better than I could:


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