WoW, huh?

I have thought and debated this one for a very long time, and I decided to break down and give WoW a chance. I’m not tired of FFXI and I certainly don’t plan to give it up. So why bother trying WoW? Two things: curiosity and frustration with time available in regards to FFXI.

For a long time, I never really paid much attention to WoW. It didn’t necessarily appeal to me, and I kind of just shrugged it off. But then I would see Maiev‘s WoW posts and screenshots, and my curiosity kind of piqued. Then I saw this from Russta’s journal, and… well… I got more curious. The final kick? A few times in LS chat I’ve mentioned my desire to have been a Mithra. This is a slight mention here and there, but I never really made a solid complaint about it. Then on a whim I decided to just go with it and make a Mithra.

I still love my rolly-polly pigtailed Tarutaru, but there are times when I wish I was taller and looked cooler while dual wielding. I didn’t like the idea of changing .dats and I didn’t want to give up my beloved Tarutaru. So I went ahead and made a Mithra to satisfy my want of being a few feet taller. Then Orophen/Derrick smacked me back into reality. There is a huge problem with me making another character that I hadn’t thought of: time. I just don’t have the time to get one up and be able to do what I want, and realistically playing one hour a day? Doesn’t give me much time for anything. Weekends were out of the question because I reserve that time to do things with Orophen or the rest of my LS as Miss I’mGoingtoKillYouifYouDon’tDoAsICommand. So what does that leave me with? WoW, of course.

I’m at 75% now on my download and I’ve got two people joining me for a few days on WoW. I’m kind of excited, really. Its a change of pace and something different. Which I think is badly needed (even if its only during the 10 day trial) after having played FFXI for so long… Orophen has complained off and on of wanting to try something different for awhile, so its another incentive of doing this. I shut him up, I satisfy my curiosity, and I get to try out a different system for a few days. Win-win situation, eh?

PT? What’s that?

The other night, I joined a party on a whim as WHM. If anyone knows me, I haven’t joined a “normal” EXP party for quite some time now (I wouldn’t be surprised if its been half a year or more). I’ve done Besieged, ENMs, my small BLU set, and random things on the game but hadn’t bothered joining an EXP party because a certain someone had inadvertently scared me away from them… *cough*DhalmelElvaan*cough* and I was feeling iffy about leveling WHM to boot.

It was rather late for me to consider joining a party, but I did so anyway since they said it would be okay for me to stay one to two hours. The PT leader insisted it was a hardcore setup, and so I left from my little spot on Port Windurst and headed out…

Normally, I’d have Orophen at my hip playing my personal refresh whore, but I decided to play on my own with the following setup: PLD, WAR, SAM, THF, COR, and myself as WHM. It didn’t seem too bad, and I figured it was worth a shot on a Puks camp. The last time I was on Puks was a year ago as BRD and forgot what they were capable of. I tend to run away from them in Besieged, and it was until I was in the party that I remembered WHY I do so. Knock back effect? No thanks.

We started off alright enough until I started to notice that the JP PLD wasn’t using their MP. At all. I start feeling the MP crunch and was trying to juggle off healing various party members while debating whether to keep the PLD alive. I even let the PLD go as far as orange and noticed she still did nothing but voke after standing by her lonesome for awhile…

Of course, I’ll admit that I could have saved myself a little grief by casting Baraera. I didn’t because I am a noob and didn’t really think about it until afterwards. Still, I felt like banging my head onto something hard because I had forgone sleep in favor of finally wearing the pieces of equipment Mekare had lent me or had given to me. Next time? Sleep > party. Not often I regret a spur of the moment decision, but this time I did… kind of. I have to admit its really nice to be able to wear the stuff Mekare had given me and not just stare at them wistfully when I open my locker.

Oh well, at least I’m finally 59 and a step closer to 60. ^-^b

Pink fluffy clouds

Maybe this is my girly side finally emerging, but I’ve decided to get two pink colored things this past weekend. A new linkshell and a new laptop. The linkshell was a spur of the moment deal, as I wanted to see if anyone had taken the name AstralCandy on Ragnarok. Lo and behold, it wasn’t taken and I decided and to color it pink. Still deciding if I should move all 6 regular members onto AstralCandy or just keep theSyndicate LS name. I still have GameOver, too, deep in the recesses of my storage…

The other pink item I decided to get is a Flamingo Pink Dell Inspiron 1520. I’ve been flip-flopping between pink and blue, and decided to get pink since it was out voted by 2 points and because Orophen is getting green. Spring Green and Flamingo Pink look better together than Spring Green and Midnight Blue. Though the laptop has been configured to play some games for now (maybe I’ll be trying out WoW?), the laptop is mostly for school related things and to allow me to work/play outside of my bedroom.

Now onto the weekend stuff!

First, a /wave to Jowah since I didn’t get back in time to do so. I was afk, scrolled up the chat log, and saw that I was waved down. Second, a big thanks to Orophen, Mekare, and Reiokyu for letting me have a cut of their BCNM drops despite the fact I had no participation in it whatsoever. It was a really nice gesture, and I’m happy to have some money in my pockets again! Lastly, I want to thank Mekare for giving me her second Opaline set! I was hesistant at first, but then couldn’t help but think how cute it was after she had traded me the gear.


Although I mostly caught up on sleep, I did get a chance to play with Mekare and Reiokyu by poking fun at Reiokyu leveling PLD (last weekend) and then going down to the Aqueducts for a good few hours. Now, I wasn’t going to post the screenshot I am going to post now, but because a certain someone claimed vengeance on a Tarutaru Fomor MNK smacking my head while I was resting? Yeah.


Don’t talk about vengeance when I have photos of your ass in metal underwear, kk?

Anyway, in the Aqueducts, we ran into the NM Mahisha. We were poking at it for awhile (killing off the PLD and BRD Fomors), before finally deciding to give Mahisha a poke. According to some other sites, it is killable by either two BLU/NIN, soloable by a BST, or will need a party of 6 or more to kill it off. Well, since the update for 2handers, we found that you just need 2 WAR/NIN (one was level 40 and the other 39) and a WHM to kill it off.


I died mid way into the fight with a one hit KO. My fault for having less than 400 HP, and a ton of MP to help along our small party. Anyway, we didn’t get many drops that night except for a lot of dark crystals, maybe a bronze key, less than five beastmen seals, and two Shakudo Ingots. A pity… but it was still fun dusting out my WHM and knowing that I can, at the bare minimum, keep my party alive. Maybe it will push me to get to 60 and then maybe to 75 before Hiroshiko does. ;o

/random 13

Today I normally would be spending some time in the late morning/afternoon poking around in the game for awhile, taking a break, and then going at it again during the evening. Instead I was off at Federal Way at a conference for work, and feeling down right exhausted by the time I got home. The conference itself was great, but waking up at 5:00 A.M. on a Saturday morning is simply a killer!

Anyway, after a super busy and stressful week, I finally have the time to upload images that I have had on back log and write a post.


One of the things Orophen/Derrick and I have done once in awhile is going out and duoing as WHM and RDM. Its not exactly the prettiest things to do, but its a lot of fun to do when you want to kill time and just have some fun. Though its not exactly cool when he pulled a VT as our starting mob. I don’t often play WHM, so I had to go from months of neglecting my WHM to trying to pick it up quick so as to keep ourselves alive during the marathon fight. We managed to do really well despite the fight taking a total of 15 minutes for us to kill off the mob! Ick. Although we moved off to DC and T afterwards in Lufaise Meadows, it was nice knowing that I could still keep us alive and not have us die so quickly.


Because I am not always on, I don’t always get to do things I want to do. You know, like helping people? While in the Citadel, Mekare and I kept poking fun at Hiroshiko about his WHM hat. I know, I shouldn’t talk… but! I can’t help but do so especially because I’m also a WHM. Yes, maybe that is lame reasoning, but I’m sticking to that story for now! Take that, Hiroshiko!

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