So, how did you desecrate those flames?

Health update: I’m currently feeling a lot better than I did earlier in the month. Besides the flare up of the mono, I had bronchitis AND a sinus infection that made my eyes super red! Can’t a girl catch a break? Jeez! I get exhausted easily, but as long as I take things at my own pace I often do fine. Though I still need to do a blood test to make sure my liver is doing ok…

Anyway, now you pretty much know why there haven’t been as many updates recently! I have been getting back into the groove of things lately, and we have even managed to get some things done with BLU. The specifics of the BLU leveling will be on its own post, but I am so glad we are able to get together again to do BLU stuff! Even though I play WoW on the side, I can’t give up my Taru as easily either and I still have a love for BLU and BRD (despite saying all the shitty stuff about BRD at times). It also made me glad for some things I have on FFXI compared to WoW at the moment.

Doing a lot of quests on WoW as of late, I end up finding myself having to run from point A to point B. This is kind of problematic for me because I tend to be impatient and frustrated easily when I have to keep doing it over and over and over and I think you get the point here. So having something like Mazurka + Sprinter Shoes is like a god send because I can get to areas a lot more quickly. Sure I have something like Mazurka on WoW’s Hunter, but its still not the same and I am just grateful I am getting closer to being able to get my own Mount (kind of like a chocobo).

On WoW we currently have an event that is called the Midsummer Fire Festival. It is based off of a real festival of the celebration of the solstice, but with some WoW twists added in there! Some of the things we do on WoW is pole dancing, where you twirl around really fast and look like a helicopter. Its ridiculously funny the first time around, and you even get a bonus of slightly higher exp for killing beasts the longer you do the pole dance! We also have to talk to people around the world to get more Burning Blossoms that can be traded in for items. However, unlike in FFXI, these don’t stay the whole year! So you can’t just save them up and decide to use them later on. You actually HAVE to use them or they will just disappear! A total bummer, but I think I can live with it and just hope I have enough time to get the remaining blossoms I need to get the item I want!

Back to the talking to people to get more blossoms… now you can choose to do one of the following: Honor or Desecrate. Of course you can’t desecrate your own faction’s flame, but you can go to the opposing faction’s (Horde vs. Alliance) and desecrate their flame! Which is kind of fun but also freaky as hell if you are just a low level person like me who is on a PvE (Player vs. Enemy) server. I actually had instances where Horde players waited to see if I was on my way to their flame, and I would have to covertly look like I am busy trying to kill mobs so I wouldn’t be bothered! The first time I did it, however, I tried hard to make it to a sanctuary before a Horde could get me. I found my way to a retreat with a bunch of level 40 Night Elf guards surrounding me. Haha, but then a single Horde player tracked me down and was actually patrolling the area to get to me. ;o; I totally freaked and logged off for awhile because I didn’t want to get my ass handed to me. Yes, I know, I’m a wuss.

It was also really fun trying to get flames as Hunter since Hunter has so many ways to do espionage. I can either control my pet to let me see into Enemy territory or I can just an ability that lets me zoom in really close to the area of my choice and seek out what is going on. Cool, huh? I actually did this a few times before getting a flame so I could plan out my moves and either wait it out or go in and piss all over the flames. Its probably not as cool as this Tauren player who shrunk himself down to midget size and ran all over the place by himself to douse flames! He was so cool, and I couldn’t stop laughing for awhile just seeing him work the guards and everything.

For the next month, my schedule will be pretty chaotic. My cousin is visiting from Spain until July 25 and there will be times I will be away from home and visiting Canada (I always look forward to visiting because its so beautiful!), Oregon, and hitting up Disneyland. So while I may not be able to play MMOs at this time, at least I have my trusty DS! Haha!

Winter Redux

That basically sums up the insane weather I have been seeing in my state, with snows capping our mountains in June and cold temperatures that have forced everyone to bring out their winter coats once again. I guess you can also say my lack of posting is also like the stillness of winter after snow has freshly fallen, but I’m here now waiting for spring or summer to make its debut (and for my sickness to go away… again).

I have recently decided to start up WoW again. It was mostly out of boredom and concern for my best friend whom I hadn’t seen in awhile. I got hooked back into it, and have played more often than I should have thanks to seasonal blues. I’m an Ally this time around, and a Hunter since I couldn’t find a race I could jive with to be my Rogue. Night Elfs are weird looking and they partially look like clowns, Humans look like gorillas to me, and the other races are too short (yeah, this coming from a Taru lover). I still have my BE Rogue, which I plan to level up to catch up to friends so that we can play when we want more lovey-dovey time with the three of us.

As for FFXI, I am foaming at the mouth with excitement for the new update. I’m extremely eager for the new missions and quests, and I kind of want to see Reiokyu do the can can for everyone. We have also leveled our BLU separately for Reiokyu’s sake, so that we can at least get 55 and be ready to march on ahead with Anniversary and Emperor bands. The only problem in that seems to get in the way is Mekare’s computer and my bouts of illness. I tried to push myself today, but even checking my mail in WoW was exhausting and I’m already starting to get towards my limit by typing this entry. Hah, if Orophen weren’t asleep right now I would probably be scolded at the moment…