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I know its been awhile since I have updated, and its mostly related to my wrist and finger. They ARE feeling a little bit better; more so when I’m not typing or anything. I’ll be seeing the doctor tomorrow morning to talk to him about my wrist and will update this entry if he says anything of significance. Otherwise I will be laying off the typing for awhile longer. I really don’t want to, but its something that has to be done. To my friends on Ragnarok, don’t worry- sooner or later I’ll come back and harass you all again. I know a certain dhal, er, Elvaan misses my poking at him. ^_~

High roller!


This past Saturday was mostly a CoP 3-3 to 3-5 prep run minus Makai because he has been having troubles (re)installing FFXI. At this rate I’ll need to buy the DVD again so that he can play because I doubt he’ll want to install from my CDs from way back when.

The rest of this entry will mostly be behind a cut as it is both image intense and because its mostly random moments I have shared with my friends. I guess you can say its mostly a sentimental, silly entry versus anything noteworthy. So if you’re interested, then press on my friend!

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Test your might!


Although not necessarily a screenshot of the event, Test of Courage, I must say I wasn’t expecting to be transported clear across the world and dropped off into areas like Aydeewa Subterrane or Arrapago Reef. Some of the combinations I’ve found were

Tarutaru Female (me) & Elvaan Male: Aydeewa Subterrane
Tarutaru Female & Tarutaru Male: Beadeaux
Tarutaru Female & Mithra: Arrapago Reef

Hands down the scariest of the areas was Arrapago Reef. No matter what level you are, running into a Soulflayer on your own isn’t the best experience. Neither is trying to run for your life against two of them to get to the GoalPoint! The rewards of the quest aren’t very satisfying as of now (maybe I’m missing something), but its still a lot of fun to run around and dungeon crawl without having to waste powders, oils, or mana.

After doing the event with Orophen, I gathered Mekare, Reiokyu, and Orophen for some “fun”. ;)

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