Prism Rangers GO GO GO!


Did Promyvion-Mea suddenly get easy? I mean, super easy? Because that’s how it seemed like today when we attempted Promyvion-Mea with our 3 BLU, 1 WAR, and 1 WHM & BLM set up. It was easy to the point of me wondering why the hell I was so worried and tense the night before.

I know that the difficulty of the Promyvions from easy to hard is Dem, Mea, and Holla… but I still remember having some difficulty on my first or second Mea run and using way more potions than ANYONE in the party used today. In fact, most of the mages (all except the WAR) claimed to have only used drinks and food. Makes me excited to do Holla, for sure.

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Auto-Translate plz.

** Note to LJ users: If the kana shows up funny, try heading to my domain instead and viewing the entry there. For some reason the kana ended up transferring strangely when the entry was crossposted. It will be edited later with viewable kana when I return from work this evening.

For some stupid, random reason I decided to go and kill Spook and then got a /tell asking for PT. Because I tire easily and what not (*pokes her still sore abdomen*), I told them I wasn’t interested in being a pulling bard. They said its ok, and still asked if I wanted to EXP. Figured it wouldn’t hurt to try and headed straight to Aht Urhgan Whitegate to get my instruments and some food.

After a few minutes we headed into Mamook to kill Mamool Ja. Now, I’m pretty sure the whole party knew I was EN because I spoke mostly in auto-translate to the best of my ability and they would respond back in such a fashion. No problem, right? Well then some shit starts to go down and people in the party start acting weird. We’re no longer running around killing things but taking long pauses filled with lines and lines of kana filling the screen. I figure they are probably going to disband as soon as I see the 30 分 and more kana. But as we stand around waiting for the PLD, I see 日本人、日本語、外人 scrolling by. Not all on the same line, but I kind of had an inkling of what was going on and got it cleared up by a nice RDM who was able to translate the gist of things for me (Thanks Allenby).

Seems as though people were planning to disband and get replacements, but didn’t ask the non-speaking JP PT members whether or not we wanted to leave, too. I had shot a Time Remaining question and spelled out I didn’t understand a whole lot of 日本語 but was ignored and only given a tell stating they were sorry and the leader apologizing because they were disbanding.

It wasn’t so bad, but I felt frustrated because of the language barrier and lack of communication. I’m sure they could have asked how much time I had left, but oh well. Its done and over with. I gave them a Teleport-Mea and thanked them for the PT. At least I got what I set out to accomplish:



About time, eh? Now to figure out if I want to mule all my BRD shit and work on WHM alongside BLU and my subs.

BLU Level 29 – 30

Korroloka Tunnel? Again? Yeah. We partied for a short time, I ate food only once (Meat Chiefkabob), and got some pretty dismal EXP due to our killing rate being faster than the pop rate and the fact that the crabs and pugils were starting to con rather low.

Orophen found out some interesting things, however, while we were playing around. We all know that TP has some factor in BLU, but for some unknown reason being under 100% TP can allow you to do more Bludgeon damage than if you have 300% TP. 300% TP allows you to do pretty consistent damage, but I couldn’t help but be envious of the damage Orophen was churning out sometimes when he smacked the crab around with Bludgeon. Meh!

Oh, and Orophen can’t add (24+21=/=50). But don’t tell him I told you that. Shhhh!

To further prove I’m crazy (hey, Reiokyu said it- NOT me), I’m planning the coolest Promyvion-Mea run EVER. Three BLU, 1 WAR, 1 WHM, and 1 BLM. Ok, it might not really fly, but I’m 98% sure we’re going with this set up. Why not the traditional/ideal set up?

1.) Reiokyu said I’m crazy.
2.) Did I mention he said I’m CRAZY?
3.) I think I’m crazy because Reiokyu said I’m crazy.
4.) Orophen will get emo if I’m not there.
5.) I have no other job to bring except BRD and BLM… and I hate BLM.
6.) Hiroshiko would be our WHM; poor us…. ; ;
7.) OMGWTFBBQ Reiokyu thinks I’m crazy!

I haven’t really thought out how I’m going to make this work, but if we managed to beat Holla with 5 people, little to no medicines and anima, and really grumpy girls? I think we can do anything! Or, at least, Orophen can do anything. I’m sure he’ll think of something. If he can’t then I need to come up with the OMGWTF plan to go over what I shall now be called Prism Ranger Powah plan. Awesome name, huh?!

Damn I need sleep…

BLU Level 27-29 & Selene’s Bow

The Return of the BLU Set

On a whim, I decided to get Orophen and Mekare together to level our BLU. At first we weren’t sure it was going to last very long because Mekare was tired and I was feeling pretty medicated at the time. There was also the fact I was supposed to be laying down most of the time, but don’t tell my doctor I found a way around THAT little detail!

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{Short time} {Yes, please.}

A return?

A week after the operation, I wanted to try getting back into the routine of daily life and thought of checking out FFXI for a bit. I can’t play for long periods of time because it causes stress on my body (I feel really fatigued after awhile), but I do have fun doing things for a short time. Saturday was one day I logged in and out on a continual basis but found myself doing more things than normal. It was a nice change of pace, and I even got to try out the new things that were added in the last patch!

Nyzul Isle Investigation

Decided to do Nyzul Isle Investigation with the strangest setup: 75 THF, 74 BRD (me), 68 MNK, 56 RDM (boyfriend). It was a spur of the moment kind of thing, and I only wanted to do it just because it was new. We didn’t make it very far (only to level 1), but I think with the right kind of set up it we could have gotten further than we did. Still… it was a lot of fun and I think I’d like to do more of it in the future if I got a chance.

Level 7 Besieged

Besieged is still a pain in the but with models not popping up, lag, etc… but it is bearable now that only 300 or so are wanting to actually do it when I’m on. I joked with my LS mates later that evening of doing 15 Besieges in order to get my level 75. What of a party? Well, when you’re feeling exhausted just sitting in a desk chair because you are missing a gallbladder? Then, yeah, you’ll want to take the easier route of curing for until your MP is drained, resting (in game and in real life), and then going at it again.

the Boyahda Tree

Thanks to the new signet patch, I wanted to see how getting EXP would be duoing off of Steelcrabs in the ol’ Tree. My friend had other ideas, however, and we found ourselves fighting T++ Elder Goobbues, leveling up my NPC, and getting a bit of change on the side. It wasn’t so bad and I actually enjoyed myself for a bit. Well, until I exhausted myself and felt like collapsing into a heap on the floor. I hope to take Reiokyu around with me to duo since he has a hard time getting parties once in awhile and I have found BRD pulling to be too exhausting lately (more so because of the operation). Speaking of which, I want to wish the guy good luck as he nears his fight with Maat. I don’t know what the MNK Maat fight is like, but here is hoping he clears it!

Wandering around Bibiki Bay

Maybe its because I was chatting on AIM, I was feeling exhausted, or I just wasn’t paying attention, but running around aimlessly in Bibiki Bay? Yeah. Not a good idea. At least not when you run into a DC++ Hobgoblin that wants to chew on your head. I seriously thought of taking him on, but then thought the better of it when I realized a.) my NPC died and b.) I wasn’t prepared going into it. I’d really like to solo something that is DC or higher on my BRD, but I guess it will have to wait till I feel better and am better prepared for it… orz.

Here I am.

Copied and pasted directly from my private Livejournal account:

I had an operation Saturday morning to remove two Gallbladder stones and my gallblader. I am OK, but the procedure was dire due to the infection of my gallbladder and the location of the stones (one was blocking my gallbladder and the other was on its way to my pancreas; the later one could have caused me to die supposedly). I’m OK, but extremely sore, tired, and yeah. I’m pushing myself once in awhile to get up, walk and do things. But I have to cut it down to a short time each day. I’m way over my limit as I type this, but I just wanted people to know what’s up. Now, if you excuse me, I need to lay down. Have FOUR cuts into you and a missing gallblader is anything but fun. Ow.

If you haven’t heard or seen from me, that’s why. I am not sure I will be of any presence on FFXI this weekend, but we’ll see. My strength is getting back, but I’m on doctor’s orders to be in bed 90% of the time. I intend to keep to it as I wish to come back to work ASAP.

And, yes, the untagged entries on the communities are driving me nuts when I take a glance at it even if for a second.

Signet, I love you.

As those listed on my friend’s list would know, I was starting to feel burnt out of FFXI. I had even talked to Derrick about the possibility of shelving it for awhile or even quitting. There were several things that just really wore on me, and it frustrated me to no end because games shouldn’t have to be frustrating. They need to be fun! Something was missing and I started not to have fun. Well, until today. I had to stay home today because I had threw up the night before and our work place has a policy stating that we must way 24 hours before being able to return to the facility. That is if, of course, you don’t throw up again. It kind of sucks because I like to work, but its fully understandable because the last thing you want to do is put all the kids and teachers at risk.

Anyway, after trying to download the patches last night, I decided to give the new Signet for a spin. If you didn’t guess by my title, yes, I am in love with the new Signet. For those who enjoy small parties or soloing, then you will absolutely love this new patch. I was able to take my NIN out and slaughter things, rest, and continue to slaughter things without losing my TP in my quest to avoid parties and get my NIN properly leveled for subjobs. I’m crazy, I know.

My quest didn’t stop there and I wanted to further test things out. Mostly this:

Increased defense and evasion against attacks from your auto-attack target

If an auto-attack target is an “even match” or weaker, players will gain a bonus to their defense and evasion against the monster.
This bonus only applies to attacks from an opponent who you are auto-attacking with a drawn weapon. No bonus will be obtained when attacking in a manner other than auto-attack, or when being attacked by monsters that unexpectedly join the fray.

To soloing bards, you know how difficult it is to kill things easily/effectively unless you’re pimped out. I’m not pimped out. I’m far from pimped out. Not to the point of being gimpy, but still not as sexy as Manteel or Osode strutting bards. At any rate, I took my NPC out to be on the safe side and started to attack Shades in hope of getting the ever so elusive Tavnazian Bell. I had obtained it once, failed at the fight, and found that it was near impossible to get the damn item again. Even with the help of a high level THF, hours of farming, and getting people to help me out, it seemed stupid that the damn item wouldn’t drop after a few sessions of farming. Well, not only was I able to survive an attack against the Shade without getting near death, but I received this sexy drop on the first kill:

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The Fan Art Contest 2007

I believe the deadline has long gone and passed, but I can’t help but point people to entries posted on a community I help mod:

I haven’t really checked the other communities to see what other players might have done, but if you have something to share please leave a comment or join the FFXI Lj Community (*you must be registered with in order to join the community and post)!

New Assault and World Selection Made Easier!?

Probably the best headlines to grace my Livejournal Friend’s list this week! Well, next to the release of Hana Yori Dango 2 episode 9…

I doubt I’ll abandon ship on Ragnarok, but its nice and reassuring to know that the option is THERE. Though probably not so much when taking into account that the assholes can easily migrate and gather together on one server more easily. Ick. But, at the same time, people can also band together and get on a server that would allow them to escape the normal stupidity they face on their end. A double edged sword, indeed.

What I’m more interested in is the new Assault area. Granted I primarily do Assault during the weekends, with three good friends (yes, the boyfriend is my best friend, too!) and hardly enough for a suitable party to do things with… its nice to know the option is there when I do Assault runs with my other friends or LS mates. Though I’ll probably end up trying to get a better Assault group together if it means pretty new equipment. Especially if that new equipment means I’m one hundred times cuter than I already am. Now if only they had the same kind of cutesy looking headgear that is so rampant in RO…