My return to noobdom

No screenshots this week due to technical difficulties. Of which has sent me reformatting my computer and clicking my fingers on the desk, waiting for a working XP key from P1.

Anyway, despite the technical difficulties, I personally had a blast the last Saturday. I’m sure Mekare, Reiokyu, and Orophen would say otherwise after I had dragged them to hell and back after re-visiting my noob days. Am I over exaggerating? HAH! I wish I was! In fact, it makes me smile even more broadly knowing that I’m not kidding and that I actually put everyone through hell personally. So, what exactly is my crime? Well, we were supposed to do a low level party of level 10 characters… of which I thought would be fun to start off in a WotG zone. Remember those jokes about killer rabbits? Oh how that rang true when we tried to take them down in the past! They are just tough bunnies! They are rabbid, blood sucking, killer bunnies! That hit you for a KABILLION health points each hit!

So, after that, I dragged everyone out to La Theine Plateau to fight crabs. We were fine and dandy until we ran into a BST and uh, had trouble with getting enough mobs. So we ran a loop around, and then I had this bright idea. Now, this is where I often get into trouble. I get a bright idea and then BAM! We either die or someone is probably wishing I would. Which, to be honest, I don’t blame them for. At any rate, we headed off to the “secret” area where the funguars, killer bees, and bats lie. I drop down, excited that we will be raking in the EXP when… OMFG! The funguars! They are attacking meeeeeeee~! I tell Orophen to run. He fails. I tell Reiokyu to run to the caves. He runs… further into despair. Mekare is probably laughing her head off and thinking how the hell I got to 75 in the first place.

Orophen deserves a lot of hugs, cuddles, and kisses, too, because he died countless times trying to tank. Don’t ask what job, don’t ask the circumstances… just know he died and wouldn’t come back because I danced on his corpse. Which, to be frank, I took much offense over since I reserve the right to dance on corpses as I please. After all, I am the future dictator of Vana’diel!

This week I will be out of town and wandering downtown Seattle attending Sakura Con. Orophen will be with me and Reiokyu should have been there but he decided he was too mad with me to bother to attend. :( Penny Arcade people will be there, SSBB tournament will be held, tons of anime will be on view, and I will be trying to kick Orophen’s ass over at Game Works! I’ll be back April 1st and will be here for the remainder of the week since I’ll be off of work due to Spring Break. (^o^)/

edit: Dead Fantasy II is finally out!


So, lately I have been having problems with my computer. It didn’t bother me so much since I could at least still play FFXI! Then the new update rolls around (this past Monday), and now many files on my FFXI are corrupted to the point of being unable to fix it. Already tried the repair function, did as Oro suggested and had him give me his .dats to see if it will solve the problem, and I’m still left dreading having to reinstall the damn program and go through the process of updating. Almost tempted to reformat the computer instead, since its just being plain ol’ bitchy as of late. ~_~; So, yeah. We will see what happens, but I’m already in crappy mood, too, since my baby (the SZ) had managed to get a very shallow scratch on the LCD. I don’t know how it got there, and you can barely see it unless you look for it… but its there and it totally bugs the shit out of me despite it not being very noticeable in the first place (monitor has to be turned off to be able to see it!). Meh…

Super short cut in Batallia Downs, Gustaberg, AND the Citadel

Long title for something relatively simple. Last night, Reiokyu mentioned a shortcut from one of the game’s most annoying places to reach. You would either need to traverse one or two zones or bring a party to stand on the levers with you to get to these hard to reach areas. S-E ninja’ed a solution to this in the last update! So how to you activate the shortcuts?

First, start in the past. Wander around to where those hard to reach places would be. In that area, scan the area for both a shiny spot (its a graphical shiny) and a Lycopodium. Talk to the Lycopodium, and the scent of flowers will be ingrained in your mind… or something to that effect. Next, make sure you have a stock supply of Asphodel because that will be the only way for you to access the shortcut! When you are done, go back to the present and close to the same location where you found the shiny spot in the past. Trade the flower to the shiny spot and viola! You are now transferred to the hard to reach location! Thanks to Reiokyu for walking me there and giving me flowers! <3 We only found the ones in Batallia Downs, but I will be sure to post exact locations later when I can get to it.

Male Mithras go RAWR!

First of all, an apology. My computer ate my screenshots. ._.; I had taken so many (including one where I saw Jowah and waved at her while wearing starter RSE), but I can’t find them anywhere! But! I do have a lot to write about! I just hope that I can remember all of it…

I was kind of surprised no one on my LJ community had posted anything about this, but there is a new quest with either a male or very male-ish looking female Mithra in one of the CSes! Judging from this image, it seems more like a man than a manish looking female. I’ve done most of the quest, but haven’t finished it to its completion, yet. Totally excited to see more of that character, and to figure out who the heck they are. Especially our old friend Mr. Bandages, but I guess that won’t be for awhile…

Anyway, last weekend, we tried out two new ENMs: Test Your Mite and Bugard in the Clouds. The first one was five manned (brother didn’t want to come on to help out), and went smoothly despite being drained for MP in the end. We didn’t get much out of it but a Geist Earring, but its not like there is much else from there that we could get except delicious EXP for our BLU. Bugard in the Clouds was very interesting and approached with three BLU. We were wanting to test run this ENM, and weren’t really expecting to win at all. Did we? Sadly, we managed to get it down to a sliver before wiping. Our tactic was kind of unique in that I had assigned people different roles because of the way that this ENM plays out.

I had basically assigned Orophen with equipping and using Physical skills, Mekare with Magic based skills, and I assigned myself with the task of Enfeebling and doing a little of both. I even got to use spells I normally wouldn’t get to use in a party situation, so it was a LOT of fun and totally exciting. It is very prone to all the BLU spells that induce Bind or Gravity, and it was hilarious seeing it walk in slow motion while Orophen and I ran around the arena!

We’re about level 53 now, and will be trying to get 54 in a variety of ways this upcoming weekend to try and move further along in our level acquisition and hopefully make up for lost on Sunday. I don’t even remember much of Sunday, simply because it was a tiring day with the loss of one hour’s worth of sleep. Heck, my body is still trying to adjust… albeit a little poorly. I’m also sick, so I am deeply sorry to anyone I may have offended earlier when I logged on and then out again earlier. m(_ _)m

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Friend Code: 2277-6316-9177

Be warned. If the person you’re playing sucks ass, its me. If the person happens to kick your ass and wipes your face on the floor, its my brother. Still not used to the controls… ._.;

FFXI update will be made once I get over being exhausted. I went from losing just one hour of sleep to 2 or 3 because my body was confused as hell and woke up at the time I would be getting up to go to work…

BLU Level 51-52, ENMs, and Soulflayers- oh my!

Taking a break away from CoP, we’ve decided to focus solely upon BLU until we reach 60. That means there will be days of spell gathering, ENMs, and anything that will help the BLU set meet its goal ASAP and help proceed with CoP. We’re also nudging at Hiroshiko to consider leveling BRD, but knowing how busy he is I’m not expecting it to happen anytime soon. Though seeing how my he and my brother tend to play and level, I’m heavily considering taking them into the set once in awhile so that they can get a bit of EXP and we can keep chugging along.


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Ow, my head…

Lately, I’ve been into playing Professor Layton and the Curious Village and Apollo Justice. The former game, I bought because the premise was really cute… at the time. Now that I’m actually playing through it, I have a hard time believing a kid would be able to play through this game without wanting to chuck the damn case at someone. No matter how cute and innocent it looks, the puzzles can really prove to be annoying at times. I will gladly tell people I had a heck of a time trying to figure out how to make FIVE boxes into four. Ugh, it makes my head hurt just thinking about it!

The later game, Apollo Justice is fourth in the series of games known as Ace Attorney or Gyakuten Saiban. I am totally enamored by the series because of the innuendos, the cultural references, and because its kind of like an interactive book. Totally awesome! By far, the best in the series was Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations otherwise known as Gyakuten Saiban 3. How the stories managed to intertwine with each other was amazing, and I was actually wanting to chuck my DS at someone because it kept me entertained and kept hitting me with suspense at times I didn’t necessarily expect to be hit with it. The fourth installment of the series is also pretty decent, but probably because I’m totally liking the prosecuting attorney and like the “scientific investigations” I get to perform once in awhile.

I still have more games to finish, however… and it doesn’t help at all that Super Smash Bros. Brawl is coming out real soon. My brother (Makai) was tormenting me for thirty minutes straight by telling me how he was going to win and why. Then informed me that he would beat me down with Peach since he knows she’s one of my favorite characters to play. Ugh.

FFXI entry will come either tomorrow or on Monday; since there are still things to be done tomorrow when we meet for ENMs and such. I am, however, in the market to look for a end game LS for a friend. I’d join myself, but I barely have time for myself without feeling totally stressed out. If you happen to be on the Ragnarok server and know of a LS, please leave a comment and let me know!