Is that Calaera!? Why, yes, it is!

In case you were wondering, I had held off on an update for awhile because of a few reasons: been busy at work, been busy working on, and been busy actually… gaming! Yes, I have returned to the worlds of Azeroth and Vana’diel a little more frequently than before; mostly in wait of FFXIV but also to play with the people whom I love dearly. I had also recently upgraded my rig to try and better handle the games coming out that I am interested in playing. Of course, when that happened my old PC decided to be a drama queen and refuse to cooperate when trying to get my set of macros off of it. From refusing to update (disconnecting at strange intervals) to refusing to work nicely with FFXI. It has done a lot just to make sure I regret having switched PCs. I don’t! But I’m still wanting to give it a good hard swing with a bat.

More regular updates to come… after I find my copy of Photoshop and am able to edit screenshots again.