Thoughts on CoP update…

You know what? I wrote this entry two times. First draft had over five paragraphs and the second draft had less paragraphs and was well articulated in my opinion. But after awhile this is what I wanted to say to the hardcore, elitist players who feel that everyone else getting sea after the patch are noobs, whiners, or will be ruining their OMGSEA!! status symbol:

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BLU Level 30 – 33


We’re back! After months of hiatus, we decided to dust off the ol’ BLU and head out to Yuhtunga and Yhoator Jungles for some poking, prodings, and other fun stuff. This time around Orophen picked out the camp, and I mainly followed around. This was strictly for personal reasons that will not be discussed on the blog, but it was definitely a nice change of pace. Our obvious targets were Mandragora and Goblins, and started off in Yuhtunga Jungle as a means to test the water. Food ranged from Meat Mithkabob to Sole Sushi and even Coeurl Subs when Orophen ran out of Sushi to consume. You’ll notice on the above picture that some of us are wearing RSE pieces as we found that some pieces were nice to wear and we wanted to experiment with different sets.

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Rabu Rabu Orophen

Note to friends: If at any time you see me on the game before 8:30 – 9 P.M. PST, please note that is Orophen and not really me. I’m usually still at work or commuting until then and sometimes am too tired to want to bother going onto the game. He’s currently helping me level my NIN and then going as far as power leveling me when I get home and he’s done with a party. Sweet. Hopefully we’ll finish soon enough to return the hairpin to Mekare…

Speaking of Mekare, I just want to send out a very heartfelt thanks to her and the others who helped Orophen get his bow from that evil bunny. I wasn’t around when it happened, so I don’t know the rest of you are but… thank you! Thank you so much for helping Orophen get that bloody bow! And even more thanks to Mekare for getting the people together to help take that NM down! Now, hopefully, Orophen we get a little closer to getting 75 RNG…

Gender bender (part 2)

Bringing you screenshots and other juicy little stuff!


For the past two days, Reiokyu, Mekare, Orophen, and I have started to pick away at the Avatar Prime fights. For three of us, it is our first time doing this and was a lot of fun. No stress, no worries, and lots of fun to be had with the four of us. Its like BFFs but minus the Paris Hilton drama!

I had remembered a long time ago, Russta had wrote an entry detailing the appearance of some strange Tarutaru who is always in the background watching you. I thought it was a fluke but when I saw him after our second Prime fight? Yeah. I couldn’t help but freak out. To be in a vast space of near emptiness and have some weird, unnamed Tarutaru look over you is just darn creepy! Yet for some reason, only Mekare and I caught it. Makes me think that Tarutaru is a pervert of some sort…

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Gender bender

Had an interesting weekend that mostly had to do with duoing with Orophen (NIN and BLM), running like mad to Gustav to help Reiokyu, Mekare, and Orophen take down an NM just as they managed to snag it from someone who had died while trying to kill it, poking at Garuda before turning in Saturday night, and finally messing with my friends when Orophen and I switched places for the day. Screenshots say all, but it is late and I have work so more details will be churned out tomorrow. Check back later for updates~

Head go boom!

Been sick as of late, and only popping on FFXI for a few minutes to chat before logging off to conk out and rest. As for Pokemon? Not even very far on that end since I have been resting on the ferry and during the other times I would normally be playing. And even then I will be taking a break so that Derrick can catch up and we can play together. Which, in the end, will give me the time to finish up Gyakuten Saiban 2 and give it back to my friend. Gaah. So much to play, and so little time! Just hoping I don’t end up with another round of sinusitis or bronchitis. Ick.

We are also planning to switch servers. If things are down for awhile, this is why. The server move should occur within the next few days – week, so please don’t freak out if is suddenly down. We’re hoping that the server change will allow us to use wordpress mu, and decrease the amount of downtime we have had occurring for awhile.